There are several documents used for property management. Thus, the rental property spreadsheet template is helpful for both the renters and the tenants. In this article, you will download rental property management (Payment tracker) daily on a monthly basis.

Property management includes the understanding and management of all the duties and responsibilities.

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  1. Rental (Word & Excel) template
  2. Rental payment tracker (Commercial & Resident)

The renters may hire a property management company for effective management. However, it costs much and not feasible for small renters.

Rental Property Spreadsheet Excel

Further, the financial management spreadsheet templates include rent receipt template, security deposit template, rental property income sheet, and cash flow statement.

Also, there are tons of legal documents to manage effective rental property management. It includes the following documents and spreadsheet:

  1. Property Management Agreement
  2. Rental Application Template
  3. Tenant Reference Document
  4. Rental Agreements
  5. Lease Amendment Templates
  6. Lease Extension Document
  7. Tenant to Vacate Form
  8. Legal Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate the Property
  9. Notice of Eviction

Types Rental Property Management Spreadsheet:

The template has numerous advantages in property management. It helps both the tenants and renters to understand the duties and responsibilities.

The understanding of rental property management allows the participants of the agreement to fulfill and understand all legal terms. So, they don’t trap into the mess of dealing with legal issues later.


Rental Property Analysis

Thus, the most important rental property spreadsheet of this section is the rental agreement template. That includes all the terms and conditions of the rental agreement along with the signatures of participants.

Property Record Keeping

Secondly, the financial rental property management spreadsheets are helpful mainly for the renters.

It helps to keep track of rental payments and securities deposited by the tenants. However, the tenant can also maintain the record of rental payment receipt to avoid any conflict in case of loss of record at renter’s end.

Rent Payment tracker spreadsheet

Finally, the maintenance templates are also important. However, these templates are usually ignored by both participants. But it has an important role in integration with financial and legal sheets.

How to create a Rental Property Spreadsheet?

Most of the rental property spreadsheet is developed in MS Office suite. The document base templates are created using MS Word. While the maintenance and financial spreadsheets are MS Excel based templates.

Theses sheets use basic features to create, edit, and customize the documents. Thus, no professional skill is required to properly use these documents and spreadsheets.

Google Sheet & PPT

Moreover, some renters prefer to use Google Sheets and Share Point. These cloud platforms help the renters to share the latest information with the tenants for their records and verification.

The financial rental spreadsheet focus on how much security amount is deposited by the tenants, to maintain the monthly payments, managing renters’ cash flow, and income statement. Whereas the legal documents include information about the participants of agreement, agreement terms, agreement duration, and legal terms and conditions of conflicts and violation.

Similarly, the maintenance rental property spreadsheet templates help the renters to maintain the maintenance log of property to ensure the quality of service.


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