Procurement Excel Spreadsheet

The procurement is a vital function of company supply chain management. Therefore, the procurement excel spreadsheet is a very useful tool to efficiently manage the purchase team activities.

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Purchasing and contracting with the suppliers to meet the different requirements of the company are the core functions of the procurement team. The procurement process isn’t all about negotiating with the suppliers and delivering the items on time.

  1. Use template in construction & Other HR management
  2. MS Excel based (XLS) format
  3. Use analysis and daily/monthly worksheet management
  4. Maintain register for procurement planning

It is way more than just purchasing the required items to fulfill the requirements. Thus, the adoption of smart strategies for procuring and sourcing items is necessary for optimal performance and efficiency.

Procurement Analysis Worksheet Excel Template

The procurement team performs many tasks related to outsourcing, requisitions, inspection, and reconciliation of procurement activity. So, it demands a long-term relationship with the supplier to achieve the best in terms of quality and consistency.

Procurement Excel Spreadsheet

Thus, procurement managers focus on establishing relationships with suppliers. It not only helps to maintain the good and consistent quality of items. But also, very helps to implement best inventory management strategies like zero inventory or just-in-time approach.

  1. Regardless of the benefits, there are several points to ponder before heading towards signing a long-term contract with the supplier.
  2. The main components of the contract can be time and cost.
  3. However, if a company have a very huge demand for a particular item, it is considered must calculate the feasibility of producing item inhouse.
  4. Help in maintaining logistics tracking

So, procurement excel spreadsheets are the key to maintain and track all these functions of the procurement team including demand evaluation, supplier selection, negotiation with the supplier, purchase order entry, item delivery, inspection, GRN, and payment.

Types of Procurement Excel Spreadsheets:

The procurement department of an established company deals with many functions. It has to ensure the timely delivery of good quality items keeping in view the CBA. Also, all the purchase activities should comply with the company SOP. Moreover, the generation of required reports from the ERP system of the company.

Although, these are the basic functions of the procurement department. However, the procurement department of many companies is responsible for establishing long term relationships with suppliers. Also, evaluating the suppliers based on quality and price.

Procurement Register Template XLS

Further, the procurement department may also be responsible for the outsourcing function and inventory management. The inventory management is very important for the financial success of a company. So, the procurement department can play an important role in the establishment of a good inventory system at the company.

The lead times of all the items must be clear for the implementation of the min-max demand system and auto-demand generation in ERP. Finally, the procurement department can be nominated to sell the dead stock of spare parts and inventory items.

Procurement Spend Analysis Worksheet

Financial or spending record tracking easily manage through his template.

So, a very good and effective ERP system is required for all these activities. However, small companies can’t afford expensive ERP systems. So, excel spreadsheet tools are the best kit for such companies. The procurement department mostly uses purchase requisition, purchase order, inspection report, gate passes, and goods receipt note spreadsheets.

How to Create Procurement Analysis Spreadsheet in Excel?

Creating custom procurement planning template is very easy, just you remember some Excel formulas to create.

You can also edit this template according to your company requirement. Just edit this template and create an easy template in minutes.

However, separate spreadsheets to maintain the record of last purchase price and monthly purchases are also important. Finally, inventory management spreadsheets like inventory management, reconciliation, issue note, replacement log, GRN, min-max levels, and dead stock are the key to success for the procurement team.


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