Looking for a customer tracking spreadsheet? MS excel template for a customer complaint, Order tracking template of the new order. For customer tracking spreadsheet in excel you must download MS excel 2010 version at-least.

The customers are the most valuable assets of any company. So, the supply chain management of business not only includes managing the relationship with the suppliers. But its main focus is to develop a good process for customer relationship management (CRM).

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A Customer Tracking Spreadsheet is a tool used to monitor and manage customer information and interactions. It is typically created using spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and provides a structured way to organize and analyze customer data.

The spreadsheet usually includes columns for various customer details, such as their name, contact information, purchase history, communication history, and any other relevant information. It allows businesses to keep track of customer interactions, track sales and marketing activities, and analyze customer behavior and trends.

By using a Customer Tracking Spreadsheet, businesses can effectively manage customer relationships, personalize their interactions, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction and retention. The spreadsheet can also serve as a centralized database for customer information, making it easily accessible and updatable for different teams within the organization.

Some common features that may be included in a Customer Tracking Spreadsheet are:

  1. Customer details: Name, contact information, address, etc.
  2. Purchase history: Products or services purchased, dates, amounts, etc.
  3. Communication history: Emails, phone calls, meetings, etc.
  4. Lead source: How the customer was acquired (referral, website, advertisement, etc.).
  5. Notes and comments: Additional information or specific customer preferences.
  6. Follow-up tasks: Reminders for future interactions or tasks related to the customer.
  7. Sales and revenue tracking: Quantitative data on sales, revenue generated, etc.
  8. Analytics and reporting: Charts, graphs, or summary tables to analyze customer data.

Overall, a Customer Tracking Spreadsheet helps businesses stay organized, maintain a comprehensive overview of their customer base, and make informed decisions to enhance their customer relationships and business performance.

Thus, the customer tracking spreadsheet Excel templates are very useful for many reasons. It serves several purposes to helps the business generate more leads, improve sales, and retain its valuable customers.

Customer Tracking Spreadsheet (Key Features)

Also, promotional reasons need to offer and promote the exciting offers to their loyal customers. The customer tracking spreadsheet may include several templates such as customer lists, customer database, and customer relationship management strategy.


The spreadsheet helps the sales staff and marketing team to analyze their potential customers and track how many of them are re-ordering.

Customer Order Tracking

Although, some sectors have only one-time interaction with the customer in whole life. So, the focus of such companies or institutions to attract more and more new customers. Thus, the focus of such companies is the attribute of the customer instead of specific customers.

Manage Logistics Customer

Similarly, the e-commerce industry focus on making new customer as well as maintaining the previous ones. So, they focus on providing quality services to their customers. Therefore, the old customers stick to their platform for further purchases.

Task Tracker Spreadsheet

Thus, a company customer tracking function helps the business to grow its sales by generating more leads and ensuring old customers. Download issue tracker spreadsheet for track any issue during project-life-cycle.

Therefore, client databases are maintained to see how many clients have re-orders the items or services. If they don’t have any since long, the promotional offers are forwarded to implement marketing strategies and generate more leads.

Components of Customer Tracking Template:

The purpose of the customer tracking template is to maintain a relationship with the customers. Analyze the ordering pattern and evaluate the value of the customer. So, the quality services can be provided to the short-listed customers. Also, marketing promotions can be shared to generate more leads and grow sales.

A simple customer relationship management sheet must include the following elements for effectiveness:

  1. Customer Code
  2. Customer Name
  3. Customer Address
  4. Focal Person Name
  5. Customer Phone Number
  6. Customer Email Address
  7. Estimated Sales
  8. Last Contract Number
  9. Last Contract Date
  10. Last Contract Value
  11. Next Action
  12. Next Contract Expected Date and Value
  13. Lead Status
  14. Lead Source

The mentioned factors are important to monitor for the companies to target large customers. However, the service industry or eCommerce companies may directly deal with the end-users. So, the data required for such companies is much different.

Create Customer Task Tracking Spreadsheet Excel?

The eCommerce industry may need to include information as per the niche of the company. So, the important attributes of the customers are identified. Thus, the company focus on managing customer relations based on it.

The most important attributes may include qualifications, age, gender, and hobbies. However, the information about the last purchase

Finally, it was all about the customer tracking spreadsheet excel. So, it is recommended for the businesses to use MS Excel-based CRM spreadsheets to ensure the maximum lead generator and to grow their sales.


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