A travel expense spreadsheet is used for managing and keeping a record of personal and employee’s travel arrangements and costs. In this article, you can download the Microsoft Excel template “spreadsheet” for generating expense reporting and tracking.

Expense Management is always given a lot of attention, especially in limited budget domains/businesses or projects. It defines a system to process and pays the expenses.

Template Features:

  1. Support Microsoft Excel version (20017-20016)
  2. Calculate daily to the monthly Travel expense report
  3. Create or manage travel budget
  4. Create Business to Family Travel Expense
  5. Ask for more example (ProjectSpreadsheet.com)

It includes the procedures and related policies that are linked with spending deployed budget. Travel expense includes traveling fare, a temporary residence such as hotel or guest hour rent and meals.

A Travel Expense Spreadsheet in Excel is a tool used to track and manage travel expenses. It is a spreadsheet template created in Microsoft Excel that helps individuals or businesses keep a record of expenses incurred during travel, such as flights, accommodation, meals, transportation, and other related costs.

The spreadsheet typically consists of columns and rows where you can enter specific information about each expense, including the date, description, category, amount, and any additional notes. It provides a systematic and organized way to document travel-related expenses, allowing you to monitor your spending, calculate totals, and analyze the data for budgeting or reimbursement purposes.

By using a Travel Expense Spreadsheet in Excel, you can easily track your travel expenses, ensure accurate records for accounting or tax purposes, and have a clear overview of your overall travel costs. It can also be customized based on your specific needs and preferences, allowing you to add or modify columns, formulas, or formatting to suit your requirements.

There are a number of ERP software used in market which carries built-in travel and expense management (TEM) tool. These ERP systems are integrated with the whole accounting system of enterprise and get automatic inputs from the accounting data. For small businesses and simple projects.


What is Travel Expense Template?

Travel expense spreadsheets developed via MS excel are highly preferred due to the number of benefits. Companies have a travel expense report template that is manually filled by the employee on the basis of the business trip; these reports are kept in record for tax and accounting purposes.

Why travel expense spreadsheets are used?

There are numerous uses of travel expense templates in daily life. Ranging from personal use to business trips. Travel expense management is important to monitor and regulate individuals as well. Traveling itself is a very hectic job. Moreover, getting short of the budget during a business trip may put someone in serious trouble. Keeping in view the importance of travel expense management, travel expense excel are used due to the following reasons;

  1. It saves a lot of time for employees in filling and processing travel expense details.
  2. It helps to increase compliance with the deployed travel policies of the company
  3. It reduces fraud and errors in reporting travel expenses
  4. It simplifies the process of reporting expenses and visualise the spending pattern of money over the time of the trip
  5. It helps the employee in the process of reimbursing money spent by an employee during travel

Create Travel Expense Spreadsheet Excel Template:

Travel expense template importance is well explained in the above section of this article. Now it’ is important to understand what key information must be present on the template.

Therefore, for effectively using the template, it is important to include the following information on the template.

Step 1

In the header section, Employee name, department, line manager name, the purpose of travel and traveling period must be present.

Step 2

In the body of the template, details of each payment are captured with details such as date, description, air & other transport, lodging, fuel/mileage, phone, meals, entertainment, and others. The sub-total is calculated against each row for day wise total and against each column for spending domain wise total. At the end overall total is calculated, advances are written to calculate the total amount required to be reimbursed.

Step 3

There must be another table for writing down itemised expenses or descriptions for the “other” column of the main table. It includes date, description and amount. There must be a place left for signatures of authorities with the date.

This template must be designed user and print-friendly in order to utilise it effectively in a large organization or business group.

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