HR Audit Spreadsheet

In this post, we will give you access to download the Human Resource (HR) Audit Spreadsheet. HR spreadsheet helps the HR department in thoroughly reviewing the standards (Internal – External), and systems of a company. The purpose of such audits is to assess the HR system for any improvements in the operations and performance of the system.

Moreover, the HR Audit can be performed internally or externally. However, the HR department of companies with employees less than 300 prefers to perform HR audits internally. Further, the professional HR auditing companies are hired to conduct the audit.

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  1. Sheet of workplace investigation linked with Audit sheet
  2. Overall Inventory control to Employee financial checklist
  3. Recruiting procedure
  4. Manual control Audit with issue tracking
  5. Human resource planning spreadsheet (Generically)
  6. MS Excel & Word format for easy delivery

The HR audit not only focuses on the improvement of company internal policies, procedures, and documentation. Also, it helps the companies to comply with labour and employment laws.

The HR audit spreadsheet provides the company with a starting point to conduct an effective HR audit. So, a professional HR audit can be conducted internally to find any loopholes of improvement in the existing system.

Key Template Features HR Audit Spreadsheet:

Although, the companies conduct the HR audit to improve the policies and performance of the human resource department. However, the findings uncover major problems and challenges faced by the HR department.

HR Audit Spreadsheet

Thus, the evaluation of these issues helps the companies to improve the overall system and nullify the risk of legal actions.

  1. Also, the HR audit spreadsheet has a positive impact on the employees.
  2. It gives the impression that the company is taking positive steps to improve the employee’s working conditions.
  3. So, it not only raises their work performance but also the morale and loyalty towards the company.

How to use an HR Audit Spreadsheet?

There are several techniques used for conducting the HR department audit. However, the basic assessment scheme is the same for all the techniques. So, there are three parts of the HR audit.

  1. Data Collection
  2. Analysis of Data
  3. Report of Findings

The data collection phase of an HR audit is usually referred to as pre-audit. In this phase, a checklist is used to ensure the collection of all the required data for assessment. This data may include quantitative and qualitative data. Thus, the spreadsheet is more relevant to this phase.

HR Audit Checklist

The HR audit spreadsheet contains a checklist that helps the companies to identify which factors of the HR system are important to assess and what data is required to perform analysis.

Analysis of HR Audit

The second phase of an HR audit is to analyze or assess the collected data for improvements. In this phase, the policies, processes, procedure, documents and all data is thoroughly assessed.

Reporting Audit

Finally, the report of findings or recommendations phase focuses on developing a recommendation on the collected data based on the analysis for any improvement.

As the HR audit requires great time and effort. Thus, it is recommended to perform it annually for fruitful results.

Elements of HR Audit Spreadsheet:

As the spreadsheet helps the companies in the pre-audit phase to collect the most important data for effective analysis. Thus, the spreadsheet contains a spreadsheet having different points sectioned into categories for different functions of the HR department.

  1. Fraud Policy
  2. Recruiting Policy

Thus, the main categories of spreadsheets include recruitment, management, training and development, performance, and documentation.

However, including onboarding, employee relations, strategic planning, best practices, and compliance with laws is also very helpful.


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