Project Management Excel Dashboard Templates

Download project management excel dashboard includes (Gantt chart, Timeline, Task management, calendar, risk and management). This portfolio dashboard management template is excel based, and you can download trial version FREE.

Yet the project management dashboard is a complete data board. Dashboard templates display all metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for any, particularly project.

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  1. Timeline with Gantt chart management sheet
  2. Generate reports easily in EXCEL and PDF version
  3. Download each project task management report in excel or pdf
  4. Generate risk and issue report easily
  5. Customization is also through team

A project detail and its portfolio performance, how to manage the progress been highlighted. It also helps to figure out specific issues that should be a manager attentive for further.

Interactive Project Management Excel Dashboard

Companies can easily measure and monitor the complete status of a healthy project with this excel format. The key performance indicators are about progress, health, budget and range of working in the project dashboard.

Project Management Excel Dashboard Templates

What should a Project Management Excel Dashboard Templates?

Real-time offers are real-time analysis. A project manager or experienced. Stakeholders offer analytics for the project. These excel dashboards are unable to make all future decisions. You will see detailed columns, widgets forms. It also shows column, diagram, sectors.

 What are the 3 types of a Project portfolio Dashboard Template?

Three main types of portfolio dashboard

With these three types –

  1. A portfolio usually capable of the owner and its company products. This is a showcase portfolio at any given time
  2. The second type is, assessment – contains all products that can be used and assess by the company owner
  3. Third and foremost type is, development – it talks about the enhancement and demonstrate the product growth

Project Portfolio Dashboard Excel

Eventually, professionals know how to tackle all workload with the best performance. Some of the selected projects are effective every day as well. Thus, the portfolio excels format template should be detailed or comprehensive for all status regarding the current project within the limits of the department. Make sure to safe all of your record from fraud.

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The dashboard in detailed so it can be a monitor or viewed in a mailbox by any individual. It can be shared through Google sheet or another online way.

How to describe dashboard display

You can add more color to make it more unique. Besides, the display or charts/dashboard with colors easy to make charts, terms and conditions for links and best formats.

For more details features that are used for the project, you can see in the image with the following columns.

It is also helpful for multiple projects at the same time (Cost Management Plan)

Make the right decision for the project, enhance the productivity, values of a customer – include on-time delivery with quality products.

How project portfolio dashboard works – excel format

  1. This is easy to monitor your project with the integration of the dashboard. These excel templates are very useful to track all status of a project, it is budget etc.
  2. Complete in a project, it will also talk about, how to create graphs and plans charts. These are offering with a visual description of working project. its purpose to make the procedure easy and manage all work pressure and its budget.
  3. You can update all workers, those who are working on a project. it keeps update daily to workers – information related project as well. This only relies on excel dashboard.
  4. These portfolio basic purposes to check all KPIs in a project – monitor the performance.
  5. This is also to make sure how much productivity producing by them.
  6. For instance, all construction-related projects are under different KPI templates in Excel format.

This is about an Project Management Excel Dashboard Templates and used by the construction department. What is performance and how a team is working as well as the key areas like productivity and safety are included.

If any company need support at the executive level – a project portfolio is helpful. Usually, a manager or any organization monitors their projects and the status of work. An Easy-to-get summary with the help of key performance indicators – either virtually all undertaking projects.

How can help You in Creating Project Management Dashboard?

Multiple projects can handle at the time with the help of this excel portfolio dashboard. Yet, easy for managers to monitor the different project at the same time.

With the help of these amazing formats are pretty easy to manage all projects terms. KPIs can work in all aspect for Project Management Excel Dashboard Templates – not even one.


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