Mortgage Amortization Excel Template

The mortgage amortization is a strategy used to define how the home loan will be paid back. In this article, we are uploading MORTGAGE amortization template (Excel) monthly basis with annual details. 3 year planning to 5-year mortgage planning with insurance and TAX detail.

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The amortization schedule is created in this regard. The mortgage amortization works to shift the payment from interest to debt. We are offering a template for multiple countries like the U.K, USA and Canada. Some other countries client may request us for download like AUSTRALIA.

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Also, it allows analyzing how much of the repayment goes into principal loan reduction and interest. So, the borrower can choose the loan repayment cycle depending on the total payment have to be made over two different periods.

The Mortgage Amortization Excel Template is a tool that helps you calculate and visualize the repayment schedule of a mortgage loan. It is a spreadsheet template designed in Microsoft Excel or similar software.

The template typically includes the following columns:

  1. Payment Number: Sequential numbering of each payment.
  2. Payment Date: The date on which the payment is due.
  3. Beginning Balance: The outstanding balance of the mortgage at the beginning of the payment period.
  4. Payment: The fixed amount of money you will pay each period (usually monthly).
  5. Principal: The portion of each payment that goes towards reducing the loan balance.
  6. Interest: The portion of each payment that goes towards paying the interest on the loan.
  7. Total Payment: The sum of the principal and interest paid in each period.
  8. Ending Balance: The remaining loan balance at the end of each period.

The template uses formulas to automatically calculate the values in the Principal, Interest, Total Payment, and Ending Balance columns based on the loan amount, interest rate, loan term, and payment frequency you input.

By using the Mortgage Amortization Excel Template, you can track the progress of your mortgage payments, see how the loan balance decreases over time, and understand the allocation of principal and interest in each payment. This can help you plan your finances and determine the impact of making extra payments or adjusting the loan term.

Key Features of Mortgage Amortization Excel

Different layout and calculation based template available in different Excel format. Calendar base data is very important, now we are preparing for the year 2020 and so on. By definition, the amortization is a repayment for loans that divides the total amount into equal monthly payments until the fixed end date. The loans taken as mortgages are amortized.

The monthly mortgage payments are usually the same for all the months. However, the breakup of payment in terms of principal and interest keeps on changing.

How does Mortgage Amortization Template Works?

Therefore, a mortgage amortization schedule is considered as the easiest way to analyze the concept of mortgage amortization. It’s a type of table that breaks the amount of each payment in terms of principal debt and interest.

Mortgage Amortization Excel Template

There are several sections of the mortgage amortization excel template. The amortization schedule, breakdown, and monthly payments. Moreover, the breakdown section of the template includes a table that has preset formulas for calculation. It takes the data from the amortization schedule sheet and calculates the breakup automatically.

The breakup of mortgage amortization usually represented by the payment month, principal payment, interest, and balance.

Strategies of Mortgage Amortization Excel Template:

There are several strategies used for the amortization of mortgage loans. However, two strategies are commonly considered by the people depending on their preference.

  1. Longer Amortization Periods and Less Monthly Payments
  2. Shorter Amortization Periods and Less Interest Payment

In the first strategy, people choose the repayment schedule for a longer time. It divides the overall principal amount to a greater number of months so results in the less monthly payment.

Monthly Mortgage

Although, this strategy is good for the people who can’t manage more amount for payment from their monthly budget. However, it results in more interest costs, so the overall repayment cost becomes manifolds of the original.

In the second strategy, the mortgage loan is divided into a smaller number of months. So, the monthly payment value is more. However, the advantage of this strategy is in less interest cost. Moreover, the total repayment value isn’t way more than the principal debt.

Types of Mortgage Amortization Template

This template must be created with MS Excel tool. So, the formulas and values can be adjusted easily to acquire the desired results.

Moreover, the mortgage amortization schedule can be customized accordingly to every specific case. It allows the person to choose the optimized schedule in terms of monthly payments, total payment, and time.

Loan Repayment Tracker Excel

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Loan Amortization Schedule Google Sheet

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For more detail about mortgage amortization excel template, ask us.

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