Project management consists of more than 49 processes to be defined, planned, executed, monitored, and controlled. All the processes of XLS for templates have their own place in defining KPI and impacting the quality, performance, and timeline of the project.

Which types of Project Management KPI Template u are looking at 

A Project Management KPI Template in XLS (Excel) format is a tool that helps project managers track and measure the performance of their projects using key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are quantifiable metrics that provide insights into various aspects of project progress, efficiency, and success.

Here are some common KPIs that can be included in a Project Management KPI Template:

  1. Schedule Variance (SV): Measures the difference between the planned schedule and the actual progress of the project.
  2. Cost Variance (CV): Calculates the variance between the planned budget and the actual cost of the project.
  3. Planned Value (PV): Represents the authorized budget allocated for the work scheduled to be completed.
  4. Earned Value (EV): Shows the value of the work actually performed and completed.
  5. Actual Cost (AC): Reflects the total cost incurred for completing the project activities.
  6. Cost Performance Index (CPI): Measures the cost efficiency of the project by comparing the EV with the AC.
  7. Schedule Performance Index (SPI): Evaluates the schedule efficiency by comparing the EV with the PV.
  8. Return on Investment (ROI): Determines the financial benefits gained from the project relative to its cost.
  9. Quality Performance Index (QPI): Assesses the overall quality of project deliverables based on predefined criteria.
  10. Customer Satisfaction: Measures the level of satisfaction of project stakeholders and end-users.
  11. Stakeholder Engagement: Evaluates the engagement and satisfaction levels of project stakeholders.
  12. Risk Assessment: Monitors the identification, analysis, and mitigation of project risks.
  13. Change Control: Tracks the number and impact of changes requested or approved during the project.
  14. Resource Utilization: Measures the efficiency of resource allocation and utilization.
  15. Task Completion Rate: Indicates the percentage of project tasks completed within the defined time frame.

These are just a few examples of KPIs that can be included in a Project Management KPI Template. The specific KPIs to include may vary depending on the nature and requirements of the project.

It is important to understand what are the key performance indicators of a project that required be tracking, monitoring and controlling constantly for insights of the project.

Key Feature of Project Management KPI Template?

Let’s check out some key features of KPI template in Excel format. KPI charts, different projects KPIs and dashboard reporting.

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KPIs are the measurable values that demonstrate the success of any activity or business. It helps to understand how effectively a business is achieving its goals and objectives. (For more detail Link) also risk and issue tracker KPI you can download here.

Project Management KPI Template XLS is the simple visual representations of business KPIs to help management in making a decision about the achievement of business goals and objectives. It’s the best way of communicating the information about performance indicators to its targeted audience.


Project Management Metrics KPIs and Dashboard Template:

Project management metrics are the quantitative measures used for the assessment, comparison, and track of the project KPIs over the project lifecycle. Monitoring and tracking the project metrics helps to understand the project status, success and profitability factors.

A few project management metrics KPIs which are commonly used in almost every type of project are;

  1. Planned value (PV),
  2. Actual cost (AC),
  3. Earned value (EV),
  4. Cost variance (CV),
  5. Scheduled variance (SV),
  6. Cost performance indicator (CPI),
  7. Return on investment (ROI),
  8. Gross profit margin (Margin), and resource utilization.

Project management dashboards represent a lot of information visually about the KPIs of a project. Project management dashboards vary from project to project and changes as the project progress.

  1. Issue Tracking Spreadsheet

The information present on a dashboard isn’t always important for project managers. Therefore, project managers keep on customizing the project dashboard during the project timeline.

Simple KPI Dashboard

Simple project management KPI dashboards use a classified version of KPIs to track the performance such as the health of the project, project tasks, project issues, and the progress of the project.

Project health is usually defined by the time, resource, open issues, and risks KPIs of the project. Tasks section presents the information about the tasks that are completed, in-progress, and not-started yet.

Project Scheduling through KPI Dashboard

Issues section maps the project current issues as per the priority from normal to high priority issues. While the project progress is captured by the indication of project milestones achieved up to the date.

Related SpreadsheetProject Task Tracking Spreadsheet

In some projects budget, quality and schedule KPIs are already given a lot of importance to be mapped on the project management KPIs dashboard.

Example of Project  Management KPI Template:

Project management KPIs are categorized into four major sections for brainstorming the ideas about KPIs for different nature of projects.

These four categories are timeliness, budget, quality, and effectiveness KPIs.

  1. Project quality KPIs are considered important to quantify the project performance with reference to its stakeholders.
  2. Project quality assurances KPIs involve the following performance indicators to be assessed controlled and track;
  3. Employee churns rate, net promoter score, customer complaints, customer satisfaction, and a number of errors.
  4. These KPIs are the best examples of project assurance KPIs for project scale.
  5. At the implementation phase of project management, project quality assurance KPIs are a vital part of the project management KPIs dashboard for continuously tracking purposes.

Construction KPI Template Excel


Construction Project KPIs should be designed to empower the employees and for the presentation of the most relevant information for the learning purpose.

Project Construction KPIs template XLS spreadsheets are important to serve the purpose well.

How to create a Project Management KPIs Template?

Designing KPIs is important for the success of the project. What performance indicators should project manager monitors during the implementation of the project is really important to contribute to the success of a project.

Project performance measurement strategy referred to as “SMART” is used. Specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time-based are the elements of SMART strategy.

This helps to complete the following steps for the identification of project KPIs to create a Project Management KPI Template xls spreadsheet;

Step (1)

Understanding of the project objectives

Step (2)

Deciding the project success metrics

Step (3)

Identify the project potential stakeholders

Step (4)

Select a tool for monitoring the project performance, Agree on a schedule to determine the success or failure of the project.


The objective of designing the Project Management KPI Template is; these should be properly linked to the strategy of the project focusing on the most important things. It should also provide answers to the most crucial W’s of the project. For more descriptive detail and examples of KPI (KlipfolioWikipedia)

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