Are you looking for Recruitment Tracker? In this article, you can download the spreadsheet recruitment tracker. With this template you can also get employee training scheduling system, employee performance appraisal, HR strategies KPI ETC. This spreadsheet is Excel-Based, so make sure you have Microsoft XLX above 2016.

A Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet in Excel is a tool used by recruiters and hiring managers to track and manage the recruitment process. It is essentially a spreadsheet that helps keep a record of all the candidates, their application details, and the various stages they go through during the hiring process.

The Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet typically includes columns for candidate names, contact information, resume or CV details, application status (such as received, shortlisted, interviewed, etc.), interview dates, feedback, and final hiring decisions. It allows recruiters to organize and sort candidate information, track the progress of each applicant, and easily communicate with the hiring team.

The spreadsheet can be customized to fit the specific needs of an organization or recruitment process. Some additional features that can be included are automatic calculation of key metrics like time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, integration with other recruitment tools or systems, and generating reports or charts for data analysis.

Using a Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet can help streamline the hiring process, improve efficiency, and provide a centralized location for all recruitment-related information. It allows recruiters to effectively manage large volumes of applications and ensure a smooth and well-documented hiring process.

For the complete candidate tracking system PLUS dashboard, you have to check out this template for the monthly base system. The customer asks or inquires about this product, let me show you. Just like the project task tracking sheet, you can arrange multiple jobs through this.

  1. How many candidates, we can manage in this template?
  2. Dashboard work or Not?
  3. Is the Candidate import from other social accounts
  4. Generate report in what MS version?
  5. Ask Anything about Tracker
  6. Through this template, you can download the HR training Sheet and scheduling sheet under one umbrella

This is a complete HR strategic template Must be needed in every company.

In the market, very few authorities provide this template for managing employees and keep you up-to-date regarding each employee’s data. Template124 and Ezowo is the best one to search through the entire area. Creating HR audit spreadsheet helps through this template.

What is Recruitment Tracker? HR Template in Excel?

Recruitment is a key function of the human resource department. It is a process used for hiring new potentials candidates in a business. Due to the extensive nature of the recruitment process. It requires proper follow up to complete the process efficiently.

Recruitment Tracker spreadsheet fulfils the need for monitoring and controlling the recruitment process. It is helpful in all phases of recruitment. Such as;

  1. Attracting talented candidates for the job position.
  2. Shortlisting the potential skill base talent for the vacancy.
  3. Select after passing through the whole screening process of tests and interviews.
  4. Appointing the selected candidates.
  5. Pipeline efficiency of hiring days
  6. Performance data of each candidates

Note: You can download this template from authority source. If trouble to find that particular template, then COMMENT US  (We will provide You link).


Key Features Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet:

Recruitment is a key process for any business or project. Mostly the developed companies participate in university job fares. Some companies also organise different talent acquisition programs for hunting the potential talent from the market.

The use of our recruitment tracker results in the streamlining of the application process. It arranges the applicant’s names, addresses, qualifications, and other required data. Resulting in the reduction are piles of printed material.

  1. Also, it eliminates the need of HR individual to go through all the hard copies to find out the best candidates based on the job criteria.
  2. companies level categories wise performance data
  3. Location wise, age wise, department wise performance data graph
  4. HR Portal Overview
  5. Employees Training Dashboard
  6. Recruitment Tracker Dashboard
  7. Training Dashboard (+ Scheduling)

The recruitment tracker template aims to keep the management cost of the organisation at the lowest level. It utilise the participation tracking format to monitor the participation of works. Also, reduces the HR department payroll budget due to the use of the latest technologies in the recruitment process that saves much time.

Our recruitment tracking works for every business and keeps the HR team focused on the recruitment process.

Elements of Recruitment Tracker:

A simple recruitment tracker template Excel includes the following details about every job position;

  1. Job Details, Job Title, Recruiter Name, Job Posting Date, Stages of the Recruitment Process, Hired Applicants and Date of Hiring.
  2. Start the recruitment process as per defined stages.
  3. Enlist the names of applicants along with the date of application, screening date, interview date, offer date, and joining date.
  4. For future reference, Status, the reason for the decline, comments, and stage of declination can also be added.
  5. Names of the applicant hired and joining date.

How to Create Recruitment Tracker Template?

Let’s check out step by step for using the template. If anything you want to customise in this template, Ask Me.

Step 1: (Define Job Position)

The first step is to define the job position in terms of job title, recruitment manager name, date of job posting and recruitment process.

Secondly, start the recruitment process. Attraction, shortlisting, screening, interviews, and hiring.

Step 2: (Data Fill)

Follow the applicants’ information sheet to record the data of each process in terms of applicants’ names, dates of each stage, status, and reason for the decline.

Step 3: (Hire Candidates)

Update the template about the details of hired candidates. After the completion of the process. The dashboard will represent the summary as explained earlier.

Example of Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet

Let’s overview some of “TRACKER EXAMPLES” includes dashboard management.  Below we can see some examples, let’s look in detail.


The Ultimate Recruiting Metrics Spreadsheet

You can arrange candidates according to different monthly forecasting. The recruitment process is different for every candidate, so you can arrange multiple JOBS through this template.

Candidate Management system

Some software-based on this helps the manager to manage the overall recruiting process. Most users are using expensive software rather than this Template. Although these Excel-based systems work exactly except for some advancement.

Job Report Sheet of HR Tracker

You can easily create job reporting through this template monthly to the project base. Every time, when open new jobs, you can save the record of every candidate according to their profile.


Particular reports can easily convert into desire MICROSOFT format.

HR Reporting Dashboard Excel Template

Through this all in one sheet, you can download reporting in PDF and PPT slides. Just one click for generate previous data or compare to current status of open job.

Note: for Download any type of recruitment tracker spreadsheet, either you can comment US (We will give you download link).


Multiple Examples of Recruitment Tracker (

More Examples (


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