The project business case is a phase in which we understand the problems, possibilities, and restrictions that are proposed in the strategic case is developed and presented through evidence-based data, information collection, and analysis. This document template is very useful for creating a summarize project plan for small businesses with a spreadsheet template also (Financial Forecasting + Budgeting).

Business Case Document Template is worked up through a series of iterations, indicates if an investment makes good business sense.

A Multiple Business Case Document Template is a standardized format or framework used to outline and present multiple business cases within a single document. It provides a structured approach for presenting the rationale, analysis, and recommended actions for multiple business initiatives or projects.

The template typically includes sections that address key components of a business case, such as:

  1. Executive Summary: Provides a concise overview of the multiple business cases, highlighting the key objectives, benefits, and recommended actions.
  2. Introduction: Sets the context for the document by explaining the purpose and scope of the multiple business cases.
  3. Business Objectives: Clearly defines the goals and objectives of each business case, explaining why the initiatives or projects are necessary.
  4. Current Situation: Describes the existing state of affairs or challenges that the business cases aim to address, including any relevant data or metrics.
  5. Analysis and Alternatives: Presents a detailed analysis of each business case, including potential solutions or alternatives. This section may include factors such as market analysis, financial projections, risk assessments, and other relevant considerations.
  6. Recommended Actions: Outlines the proposed actions or initiatives for each business case, along with the anticipated benefits and expected outcomes.
  7. Implementation Plan: Provides a high-level plan for implementing the recommended actions, including timelines, resource requirements, and any dependencies or constraints.
  8. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Evaluates the financial implications of each business case, comparing the costs involved with the expected benefits and returns on investment.
  9. Risks and Mitigation Strategies: Identifies potential risks or challenges associated with the business cases and outlines strategies to mitigate or manage those risks.
  10. Conclusion: Summarizes the key findings, recommendations, and potential impacts of the multiple business cases.
  11. Appendices: Includes any supporting documents or additional information that may be relevant to the business cases, such as market research data, financial models, or stakeholder analysis.

It’s important to note that the specific structure and content of a Multiple Business Case Document Template may vary depending on the organization or industry. However, the general purpose is to provide a comprehensive and consistent format for evaluating and presenting multiple business cases within a single document.

It documents a series of potential options, identifying a preferred option for taking the investment forward based on a comparison of the costs, risks, and benefits of all the options.

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Key Features of (Template) Business Case Document

All public sector businesses, programs, and projects require a business case. Program Business cases set out the options and modifications for the proposed expenditure ensuring the proposal is sound and represents value for money.

Organizational branches have an important role in arranging the onward submission of business cases to Depth of Field Supply, having confidence themselves on relevant affordability issues.


Purpose Of A Business Case

The business case provides the main idea for an investment public money. A business case must be produced for all public sector costs, but with levels of effort and detail in proportion to the scale of proposed investment. They should be observed as living documents, normally revised and updated to reflect the latest position.

The business case has three major repetitions as depicted below, but not all investments will require all three versions prepared separately. For smaller project costs, an outline business case, which is developed and refined and may fulfill all the requirements necessary for formal approval.

Business case Document Guidance

Business case production should be guided by the procedures set out in the organization. For the NI public sector, this is the NIGEAE, related Dear Accounting Officer letters and best practice in program and project management.

For a program, it provides an aggregation of information from other parts within the program and from the project level. For a project, it may be informed by the project brief.

How to Create a Business Case Template?

The main roles and responsibilities related to Project and project management business cases are: Let’s overview how you can create this one easily through Microsoft template?

Senior responsible owner

owner, responsible for ensuring that the business case is treated as a living document; the SRO is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the program or project meets its objectives and realizes projected benefits

Programme manager or project manager

Program Manager normally gives the responsibility for the production of the business case and for coordinating relevant business side input


are important in reviewing the quality of draft business cases before approval; DoF economists provide expert input on behalf of DoF Supply during the formal approval process

Finance branches

Finance branches are also involved in business cases requiring lower level approvals. It must go through the appropriate finance branch before submitting to DoF for formal approval with regard to affordability

The depth of Field Supply

Are the equivalent of HM Treasury in NI and formal approvers of all business cases exceeding delegated limits

Programme board or project board

It indicates all business case approvals of internal business cases

So these Business Case Document Template, you can download in various formats of examples. For custom changes in this template, you can request US.


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