Fleet Maintenance spreadsheet is a process of maintaining the good operating condition of vehicles under the same ownership to ensure the maximum availability of the vehicles. Using a spreadsheet you can manage or arrange Truck Fleet or different Fleet according to your requirement.

A preventive and proactive maintenance approach is considered helpful in managing the maintenance schedule of fleets for best business profits by reducing the operating costs of vehicles.

  1. Create Truck Maintenance Log
  2. Create Auto Maintenance Log
  3. Work Performed & record of work performed tracking through the spreadsheet
  4. Fleet preventive Maintenance schedule
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Either managing Truck transportation or Ship fleet, you need this data sheet for maintenance.

Key Features of Fleet Maintenance Spreadsheet:

A well-maintained vehicle ensures the minimum operating cost for the fleet business. Fleet maintenance spreadsheet helps in management and following a strict maintenance schedule for the fleet to avoid any unplanned downtimes.

These spreadsheets are compatible with any type of vehicle fleet. It requires a beginner’s skill to manage the fleet using this sheet. Also, easy to understand and records all the information about the fleet maintenance schedule.


These features result in many benefits of fleet maintenance. It helps to ensure the durability of vehicles. A strict fleet maintenance schedule extends the life of a vehicle by avoiding any severe damage to the critical parts of the vehicle due to breakdown maintenance.

  1. You can calculate maintenance of truck monthly basis
  2. Create scheduling
  3. Create budget invoice & repair purchasing items

There are different software available in the market to monitor the mileage, fuel consumption, and engine hours to assist in the implementation of a fleet maintenance schedule based on these parameters.

The preventive maintenance approach for fleet maintenance always results in the reduction of fleet overall repair costs. Breakdown maintenance always adds extra costs in repair and maintenance budget for the fleet. Whenever any part of the vehicle starts making noise, vibration or any problem. The severity of the issue increase with the time and its impact on the other parts gets manifolds resulting in abnormal trends for fleet repair and maintenance costs.

  1. Travel Expense spreadsheet

Similarly, a poorly maintained engine results in 50% more consumption of fuel and results in lower the mileage of the vehicle. It impacts to increase the operating costs of the vehicle.

Fleet Maintenance in Excel Format:

A simple fleet maintenance log or spreadsheet can be created using excel. This sheet is compatible with fleet management software to generate alerts. A separate excel format sheet can be made for each individual vehicle of the fleet to record detailed information about each maintenance section.

While a dashboard-type fleet maintenance sheet covers the information about the availability of vehicles. Also, highlight which vehicle is going to be unavailable due to planned maintenance activity for a specified time period.

How to Create a Fleet Log?

A fleet log is a document that is used to record information about the condition of all the vehicles of a fleet. It also includes tracking the performance rating factors like mileage, engine condition, available days, vehicle uptime, date of last maintenance session, the due date of next planned maintenance and overall health of each vehicle. The operating cost of vehicles can be also be added for the purpose of a better comparison.

In the end vehicles are the integral parts of fleets’ business. It is important to take well care of the vehicles to avoid any breakdowns.

Enterprise Fleet Maintenance

Enterprise fleet format usually create custom, so REQUEST US for custom design fleet spreadsheet template.

Any delay in the application of maintenance will risk the safety of employees, resulting in extra repair costs, unplanned downtime, and unavailability of vehicles, and failing to meet legal inspection standards. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the good health of the fleet in order to make a profit in fleets’ business.



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