Issue Tracking in Project Management 

Finding the template for issue tracking, in this post, we will discuss the Issue tracking template for project tracking in the Project planning stage. Microsoft Excel is a handy tool for management or analysis of issues during any phase of project management.

  1. Track through project initiating stage to Closure stage
  2. Issue Tracking Spreadsheet in costing & resource allocation management, download particular project issue report in seconds
  3. MS Excel (2007 to 2018)
  4. Project reconcile (Google Sheet)
  5. Easily track logistics issues and bug
  6. Dashboard access (project portfolio Tracker)
  7. Identify issue in procurement planning

An Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template in Excel is a pre-designed spreadsheet that helps you keep track of and manage various issues or problems that arise in a project, task, or any other context. It is commonly used in project management, software development, customer support, and similar fields where it is crucial to track and resolve issues efficiently.

The template typically consists of multiple columns that allow you to input relevant information about each issue, such as the issue ID, description, priority, status, assigned person, due date, and any additional notes. You can customize the template based on your specific needs and requirements.

By using an Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template, you can centralize all the issues in one place, easily monitor their progress, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and ensure timely resolution. It provides a structured approach to issue management and enables better collaboration and communication among team members.

Furthermore, Excel’s features, such as filtering, sorting, and conditional formatting, can be utilized within the template to organize and analyze the data effectively. This helps identify patterns, prioritize critical issues, and generate reports or metrics for performance evaluation.

Overall, an Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template in Excel provides a practical and straightforward solution for monitoring and addressing issues, enhancing project efficiency, and improving overall productivity.

Mostly project manager using this spreadsheet template, rather than expensive tools of project management.

What is an Issue Tracking Spreadsheet?

In project management, a lot of efforts are made to minimize the realization of any associated risk with the implementation of the project.

Mitigation strategies are devised for this regard, but still, the risks are realized due to a number of reasons. In this spreadsheet template, you can manage all issues of projects during any stage.

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When a risk becomes a reality in project management, it is classified as an issue. It is important for project managers to review back and see what information was gathered at the risk management stage about the related risk that has become an issue.

Issue Tracking in Project Management

Very much importance in project management documentation. You can What triggered it and have contingency plans are there to resolve the issue. In this regard to properly monitor and track issue status, issue tracking spreadsheets are here to help project managers.


Importance and Template Features:

For project managers, nothing is more important than daily monitoring of issues associated with the completion of particular tasks of the project. Even the minor issue if gone ignored will ultimately impact the project timeline.

  1. Easy to customize and Dashboard management
  2. Resource management bug tracking
  3. Time-line tracking and Gantt Chart access

Therefore, it’s really important to make effective use of the project issue tracking template to categories the current issues based on their impact on the performance, timeline, and quality of the project. You can manage the issue in production scheduling.

It’s a kind of dashboard that carries information about the issues for project managers to understand what is the current status of a particular issue and who is a responsible person?

Types of Issue Tracking Templates for Project Managers:

There can be a different type of issue tracking templates for the project managers based on the information these are presenting. A project manager can make a customized template as per his taste to monitor and track the issues.

The basic type of issue tracking template is a dashboard-type issue tracking template. This is template presents all the details about the issue such as issue ID, current status, and issue description, risk matrix of issue, issue start date, expected resolution date and the person responsible for. Check out BookKeeping Template for more issue management.

There can be made a simple issue matrix type sheet that only presents the information about the issue description, category based on severity and impact. The priority of resolving the issue is set based on the category. Another type of issue tracking template can be a history sheet of issue that carries all the detailed information about the issue, what steps been taken and what strategies and resources are devised to resolve the issue.

IT Project Issue Tracking Spreadsheet

Issue tracking (IT) templates are used in IT projects especially. Let’s take an example from the construction project where a lot of material and resource management is involved.

The issue can be anything such as the supplier has pushed the delivery of material. The issue will be marked on the tracking sheet as open status, one of the project managers’ will be assigned to deal with the issue.

  1. Sales issue tracking
  2. Call center or Networking Issue Tracking

The importance and margin in the delivery of material will be analyzed and the severity of the issue will be identified like materials were demanded with 3 days cushion in delivery while the supplier pushed the delivery date to 5 days.

Issue Tracking in Project Management 

Construction Project Issue Tracking

This type of Issue Tracking Spreadsheet useful in the construction business.

2 days margin will impact which tasks and what activities will get delays because of this are noted in construction daily work. This creates the priorities list of issues to monitor as per severity.

Comments will be added to show what steps are taken like pay some other supplier to delivery material on an urgent basis with a minimum upcharge for urgent delivery. At the end expected closing date of the issue will be added.

How to create an Issue Tracking Template in Excel:

Issue Tracker Excel Template can be made based on the information need to be presented. Before creating business case, any issues must resolve easily. Simple steps to make an issue tracking template are;

  1. Identification of type of tracking template required.
  2. Identify all the current open or closed status issues.
  3. Write down the description of the encountered issues.
  4. Use risk matrix and analytical approach to identify the category and resolution priority of issues based on impact and severity.
  5. Assign the resolution task to a certain person for effective monitoring and tracking of issues.
  6. Ask him to present strategies to resolve the issue to be added as comments.
  7. Based on devised strategies, write down the expected closing date of the issue.

How to Issue Tracking Spreadsheet During ANY Project Phase?

Easily identify project bug and generate report through Advance project portfolio template By

After the resolution of the issue, change the status to open, add actual closing date and write final comments on how the issue is resolved and what steps are taken to eliminate the likelihood of its reoccurrence.

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