Looking for a production schedule for your daily inventory management operations? Excel-Based template with attaches GOOGLE SHEET for auto calculation daily to monthly. In this article, you will download a variety of templates for routine based inventory management like raw stock register ETC.

  1. Development Phase
  2. Pre-Production Phase
  3. Post-Production Schedule

It will allow you to track inventory monthly daily and weekly according to your needs. The template I am going to wherewith you is easy to use specially prepared so a layman can use it without having issues and difficulties.

The Multiple Production Schedule Template in Excel is a tool designed to assist in planning and managing multiple production tasks or projects simultaneously. It is an Excel spreadsheet that provides a structured format for organizing production schedules, tasks, timelines, and resources.

The template typically includes columns or sections to input relevant information such as task names, start and end dates, duration, assigned resources or teams, dependencies, and progress tracking. It allows users to visualize the overall production schedule, track the progress of individual tasks, and identify any potential bottlenecks or delays.

Many production plans are built using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google sheet. Use this you can create Gantt chart, which clearly layout the different elements of  the production progress.

Importance of schedule:

  • . Make time to understand
  • . Make time to analyze the workload
  • . Track employee clock-in and clock-out times
  • . Follow a set of rules of employee as fairly
  • . Establish an efficient communication schedule for team
  • . Post the schedule at least 7 days in advance

With the Multiple Production Schedule Template, you can easily monitor and adjust the production timelines, allocate resources effectively, and ensure that all tasks are completed within the desired time frame. It serves as a valuable tool for project managers, production supervisors, or anyone involved in coordinating and managing multiple production activities.

This Task tracking spreadsheet can help you in managing the overall inventory process error-free.

Note: Request us Production Schedule premium Template (worth $35) for Free. The template you will get through INBOX after 3 to 6 Hour.

Key features of Production Schedule Template?

Before downloading the template, make sure about some key features of Template (MS EXCEL).  Some typical template showing (Order Status, projected inventory list, Pre-Order Status).

  1. Product quantity with Start date to End date
  2. Capacity Planning to production
  3. Easy Operation Management
  4. Production Gantt Chart-Based Calendar
  5. Fleet Management to other production inventory management

Note: For download “Production Template” you must contact US, please specify your template details.


Format of Production Schedule in Excel

The template given below production scheduling template excel is basically a paid product but you can use most of its functions free of cost if you like you come back to us comment us and grab the full version of the stock inventory template.

Customer Database:

In this feature, we add a page where you can fill out the information about your customer’s details, where you can track your customers using customer track numbers by specifying them with identical numbers given by you.

This template is prefill with some common customer database fields, which you can change anytime you need. It also help to define your result to sorting and filtering by simplify through pre-formatting instruction.

There are many formatting option to customize the look of the customer database.

  • . Format cells
  • . Change the background color of a cell
  • . Change the Font
  • . Add or remove borders around cells
  • . Change the Alignment of the text within the cell
  • . Change the display style of number

Mention your customer name in the field of customer name in next column you can add up article number and order number for further tracking, likewise, other necessary information also included here like project received date where additional details about day and date and project end date have also given there if there is any time limit required by your customer.

Production Status Summary:

Like other pages, this page also includes important information about production status, there many of them like a serial number which is important to track particular items just by assigning it with a serial number.

Customer name where you must add shop name or customer name to identify for which customer you are tracking production, rest of them are here below:

  1. Order Number
  2. Article Number
  3. Colour
  4. Order Quantity
  5. Project research date
  6. Project End Date

Daily Production Report Department Wise:

In this table, you can create a reporting department wise, if your business consist of various departments add up here and monitor their performance either within time or not and track order status.

This schedule helps teams to distinguish between urgent tasks and immediate plans of execution. That’s why they collectively compile the total work done as mention a milestones achievements.

This type of template is best for restaurant production daily management.

Example of Production Schedule Template

The paid version consists of the most demanding features of dashboard and reporting. Check out examples of production schedule (Daily, Monthly, and Weekly). Some other types of templates like (Employee Shift Schedule, Dashboard). A custom type of template, you can ask for

Monthly Production Report:

Production reporting is one of the most necessary features add up here for you where you can add monthly reports department wise date wise.

A report identify the total amount in dollars of loan sold by seller to all parties is called the monthly production report. Each monthly production report will be accompanied by a sign certification from seller. In this way monthly production report is complete and accurate.

A monthly report is a summary which defines your business activities that provides an overview of key statistics, information about the company’s finance position and the performance review of critical business units.

Production Schedule Dashboard:

This feature represents items graphically easy and simple for the project manager to understand what’s going on just by having a bird’s eye view. The dashboard section consists of graphs, charts, cylinders.

Production dashboard allows the user to manage and track entities which is compaigns, sub-compaigns, outbound massage, assets and tasks.


  1. Provides at a glass visibility
  2. Easy performance checks and balance
  3. Save time and resources
  4. Up to date progress evaluation
  5. Improves making decision
  6. Needs meaningful metrics
  7. Increase productivity
  8. Reduces stress

Key characteristics:

  • . Communicate information quickly
  • . Display information clearly and efficiently
  • . Show data changes in all over the time
  • . Easily customizable
  • . Present in an efficiently time limit.

It helps you out to have full access to your production schedule template excel tracking with ease by using this software.

Employee Production Shift Schedule

This is typically a type of production template, you can manage each employee shift weekly to a monthly basis. You can also attach this sheet with the duty roster of an employee. Managing multiple no of staff with Department type with their job specification.

Shifts in the production possibilities curve are caused by things which shows the change of output of an economy including

  • Changes in resources
  • Advance in technology
  • More education and training
  • Changes in labor force.

How to create an employee shift schedule?

  • . Think about your schedule need ahead of time
  • . Evaluate your staffing level and visibility
  • . Create a list of employee who want extra shift
  • . Follow the rules and regulations
  • . Publish early your schedule

Generally clockwise shift rotations should be used. Here are the common shifts for covering a full day’s work

  • . 1st shift _ 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.
  • . 2nd shift _ 4 P.M. to 12 P.M.
  • . 3rd shift – 12 P.M. to 8 A.M

 Work categorized within the following types

  • . Advantage creating
  • . Strategic support
  • . Essential support
  • . Non- essential

Daily Production Reporting

Through these templates, you can manage daily basis inventory stock. Generate reporting in multiple formats of MS. Complete production reporting planning with daily base management, you can manage through this template. We have also a separate template for the management of raw material and manufacturing planning.

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Easily tracking & monitoring overall status reporting of production. Through this daily report generating a template, you can manage stock and other units.


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