The employee is an integral part of any organization. The combined efforts of human and other resources contribute to the success of any business. So, it is important to maintain defined manpower at the workplace for its proper functionality. Download Employee Attendance Sheet in Excel (Version 2018) for small businesses to larger ones.

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Therefore, the attendance sheet is used by the businesses to record and maintain the availability of the required skill set at the workplace. Just like the Recruitment tracker spreadsheet, this sheet will also help to maintain HR.

An Employee Attendance Sheet in Excel is a spreadsheet used to track and monitor the attendance of employees in an organization. It is a tool that helps employers or HR departments keep a record of when employees are present, absent, or on leave.

The sheet typically consists of columns representing different dates and rows representing individual employees. Each cell in the sheet can be marked or formatted to indicate the attendance status of an employee for a particular date. Common attendance status indicators include “P” for present, “A” for absent, “L” for leave, or “H” for holidays.

By maintaining an Employee Attendance Sheet, organizations can effectively track attendance patterns, identify trends, calculate total working hours, determine leave balances, and manage payroll processes. It can also serve as a reference for performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and compliance with labor regulations.

Excel is a popular software program for creating and managing attendance sheets due to its spreadsheet capabilities, data manipulation functions, and ease of use. With Excel’s formulas and formatting options, you can automate calculations, generate reports, and customize the sheet according to specific organizational requirements.

Overall, an Employee Attendance Sheet in Excel provides a centralized and systematic approach to monitor employee attendance, facilitating efficient workforce management and ensuring accurate records of attendance-related information.

Also, there are several other reasons for using the employee attendance spreadsheet. It is helpful in gathering the data about the commitment of employees toward the work.

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The employee attendance sheet is created using MS Excel tool to improve its usability by semi-skilled employees.

Employee Attendance Sheet in Excel

However, the sheet is equally compatible with the google sheet to responsive to be used on any platform.

Key Features Employee Attendance Sheet:

There are several applications of employee attendance sheets to understand its importance. The key purpose is to record the presence of the employee at the workplace. This record can be used at the end of the month for updating the paid-time-off sheet and leave plan for each employee.

Moreover, the salary sheets of the employee are also generated based on the monthly attendance of the employee. Some companies use PTO’s over a fiscal year. Therefore, the monthly salary of the employees doesn’t have any deduction for the account of time offs.

The employee attendance sheet also helps to understand the impact of employee’s absence on the work performance of the department. There are few costs linked with employee absence at the workplace are the cost of staffing, rescheduling, re-training, loss of productivity and demoralization of employees.

  1. It helps to record the presence of employees at the workplace along with the hours spent at the workplace by each employee.
  2. The in and out time of employees of certain responsibilities allows analyzing the work and labor required for the task.

Elements of Employee Attendance Sheet:

There are several sections of an employee attendance sheet depends on how a business is using it. However, few of the basic attendance sheets are consist of a header, employee details, attendance details, and summary sections.

Step 1

The header section of the employee attendance sheet in excel contains a large heading of the sheet title, company name, company logo, and the month.

Step 2

In the employee details section, all the essential details of the employees are mentioned. So, the most important elements of this section are the name and designation of the employee.

Step 3

However, companies preferred to add Sr. #, employee code, and designation of the employee as well. A formula can be used to calculate the total daily employee strength for each day of the month.

Step 4

The attendance section uses the formula to write the dates of the month after making the first entry. Also, for updating the attendance status of the employee data validation is used to select from the drop-down list of different statues.

The attendance status for any employee can be;

  1. Present
  2. Absent
  3. Over Time
  4. Late
  5. Sick Leave
  6. Earned Leave
  7. Paid Leave
  8. Casual Leave
  9. Training
  10. Maternity Leave
  11. National Holiday
  12. Other Holiday

How to create Attendance Sheet Custom?

Although these statuses are abbreviated in the attendance section drop-down list to avoid any mess of words for better understanding. The abbreviations are pretty clear and can be matched with the above statues as P, A, OT, L, SL, EL, PL, CL, TR, ML, NH, and H.


Formulas Based-Sheet

In the end, the last row of the attendance section is formulated to calculate the total number of employees present on a particular day.

The formula that is used for the purpose is COUNTIF (Cell Range, “P”). Here the cell range is the first employee attendance cell till the last attendance cell e.g. F9: F109.

Also, in case someone wants to add the details of total absentees for each day. It can be simply done by subtracting the total employees present at the workplace from the total number of employees at the workplace.

Generate Attendance Sheet with Absent Tracker

The last section is the summary section that includes the formulated cells to present the summary of presence and all absence statues for each employee. This section can be further formulated to calculate the total presence and absences for each employee for a particular month.

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Also, the monthly grand total of presents and the absence of each category can be calculated to analyze the trend.

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