Procurement Excel Spreadsheet

The procurement is a vital function of company supply chain management. Therefore, the procurement excel spreadsheet is a very useful tool to efficiently manage the purchase team activities. Recent Spreadsheet: HR Audit Spreadsheet Purchasing and contracting with the suppliers to meet the different requirements of the company are the coreContinue Reading

HR Audit Spreadsheet

In this post, we will give you access to download the Human Resource (HR) Audit Spreadsheet. HR spreadsheet helps the HR department in thoroughly reviewing the standards (Internal – External), and systems of a company. The purpose of such audits is to assess the HR system for any improvements inContinue Reading

KPI Dashboard Excel Template

KPI dashboard templates are used for tracking, monitoring, and controlling different functions. In this post, you will download plenty of KPI Template excel, like production, sales, HR, Construction and other businesses custom dashboard in excel format. All the key functions of business have some parameters that must be monitored, tracked,Continue Reading

Human resource is the most difficult resource of any organization to plan and manage. Proper human resource planning is required to hire the most suitable employee for the organization with the optimum skill set. In this article, we are going to share some essential workforce tools, spreadsheet for human resourceContinue Reading

In HR terms, the PTO tracker is used to keep track of an employee’s paid or personal time offs. In this post, I will offer to download in an Excel-Based spreadsheet. Very easy template for Employee vacation management throughout the year 2020. Using PTO template, you can manage an overallContinue Reading

The employee is an integral part of any organization. The combined efforts of human and other resources contribute to the success of any business. So, it is important to maintain defined manpower at the workplace for its proper functionality. Download Employee Attendance Sheet in Excel (Version 2018) for small businessesContinue Reading

Are you looking for Recruitment Tracker? In this article, you can download the spreadsheet recruitment tracker. For the complete candidate tracking system PLUS dashboard, you have to check out this template for the monthly base system. The customer asks or inquires about this product, let me show you. Just like the project taskContinue Reading