Task List Template Excel Spreadsheet

Looking for task list template in excel spreadsheet format? You can manage your tasks from a simple as task list and as advanced as Gantt chart. There are variety of different tools available these days to mange your project. But lists and checklist are most simple and straightforward among all these tools.

You can manage multiple task management through single Template. Also manage multiple projects

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  1. Daily to weekly task list template
  2. MS EXCEL (XLS) format 2010 to 2016
  3. MAC compatible
  4. Multiple projects task list management with multi user’s login
  5. Admin and Super admin rights and roles
  6. WBS Template excel for managing task list
  7. Use in real estate, construction, IT and other GOV projects

Therefore, it all depends on your choice and need that which one you want to go for. Whether you are a professional project manager, an educator, a physician, or a simple man, having a task list on hand facilitates you to be at the best of your game at no matter what you do.

This article will help you understand what the task list template it and why is it important? We will also discuss some of the examples of task lists as well.

Task List Template Excel Spreadsheet (Key Features)

A task list simply comprises of task description, start and end dates. You can add and delete columns according to your project requirement. Therefore, these are quite user-friendly and easy to use option for project managers and other project management professionals.

  1. In a task list template first, you must gather information of all the tasks.
  2. Then you must divide the task in smaller pieces which are called subtask.
  3. This practice will allow you to perform batter and ease work pressure.
  4. Review project plan spreadsheet for product management

As whenever the work is dividing into smaller pieces it becomes more achievable and even more manageable. After that, another advantageous thing you can do is to classify your tasks according to their priorities.

Task List Template Excel Spreadsheet

Employee Task List Template

An employs task list is the document of duties assigned to the workers to complete them on time. It makes sure that the team members of your project are at the top of their performance.

This way the employees can see their perforce and work efficiently without missing out any crucial task on step in the project. By using this tool, you will be able to achieve your goals and meet your deadlines on time.

It is also an extraordinary category of task lists. It allows you to monitor and control your employee’s performance efficiently.

This will also help in assigning duties and supervise the contribution of each member of your team in your project accordingly. Moreover, this task tracking list helps you to boost the performance of your business employees as well.

Gantt Chart Task List Template

A Gantt chart task list templates is useful in analyzing the liability and accountability in your project progress. You can get a clear picture of your tasks by using a task list with Gannt charts associated with it.

  1. As the Gantt charts allow you to assess and see the duration, start, and end time of different tasks in your project.
  2. Furthermore, by using this tool you will be able to assign priorities in your project. You also will easily categorize tasks and discover the dependencies of tasks on each other.

These task lists also aids in successful and timely completion of task in the project. So, this is very valuable and effective tool in managing your project by providing a flow in the development of your project.

Project To-Do list

Project managing is quite challenging and tricky job. Most of the time the project managers are working on multiple projects and tasks and they have a lot on their plate.

I this situation, how wonderful it is to have map of your tasks in the form to project to do list. This includes all the tasks big or small which needs to be complete included in. his template not only help in execution of your project, but it also gives you a helping hand throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Task List in Google Sheet Template

You can not count only on your memory when it comes to managing a project. Task list are a batter and reliable option in this regard. These days task lists are available in many different shapes, sizes, and formats. You can pick one according to your need and you are good to go.

One of the options is making a Task List Template Excel Spreadsheet. You can easily customize it, monitor your tasks, and achieve your goals all at the same time by using a task list in google sheet format. It also is beneficial in making timely plans, which allows you to see what to do and when is the suitable time to do it. Furthermore, most importantly this tool is helpful in keeping you always organized.


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