Human resource is the most difficult resource of any organization to plan and manage. Proper human resource planning is required to hire the most suitable employee for the organization with the optimum skill set. In this article, we are going to share some essential workforce tools, spreadsheet for human resource planning for improving performance in any project.

Main HR Spreadsheet Types are;

  1. HR Tracking Spreadsheet
  2. HR Matrics Spreadsheet
  3. HR Audit Spreadsheet

Therefore, it is important for the human resource department to use the best tool and technique for the planning of human resources. Using every tool available in the market isn’t a wise method. These template is using in production scheduling projects.

  1. Key Tools for HR Manager
  2. Is a spreadsheet is the best workforce planning tool for HR Planning?
  3. What about Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet?
  4. Staffing Plan Spreadsheet Template
  5. Employee Relation Tracker Template
  6. Employee Vacation Planner Spreadsheet

The HR manager has to identify the most suitable tool with respect to the nature of business or organization. Also, it is important for the HR department to have a detailed plan for human resource management.

Spreadsheet Template for Human Resource Planning

Workforce Planning Spreadsheet Template for Human Resource

It helps in the process of recruitment, training, and retention of the employee. That’s why human resource planning is the best way to align the available skills with the organization’s goals and objectives.

In this article, the process of human resource planning using different tools and techniques will be covered briefly.

What is Human Resource Planning?

Human resource planning is a systematic approach to identify the gap between the available human skills set and the future human skill set required to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. It also provides an action plan to eliminate this gap.

In short, human resource planning helps an organization retain the right strength of people with the required skills for a particular job position at a specific period of time. Some organizations also refer to it as manpower planning or workforce planning.

Significance of HR Workforce Planning:

Human resource planning isn’t just important to maintain the right strength of people in the organization, but it deals with the competencies required at a particular time to achieve organization objectives and goals.

It helps in the optimal utilization of human resources. Also, support to achieve the organization objective but providing the right skill set at the right time. It states the process of recruitment and training of human resources. The human resource plan identifies the surplus or deficiencies of human resources and calculates the requirement of labor for under consideration diversification or expansion plans.

Which Spreadsheet Template Help in Human Resource Planning Process?

First of all recruitment tracker is the key template in the helping process. Other is Employee management spreadsheet (Vacation Accrual, Attendance Tracker). There are several steps involve in the planning process of human resources. Few of the main steps are;

  1. Identify the currently available supply of the human resource of a particular skill set.
  2. Forecast the future demand for the resources required for each type of job position.
  3. Compare the available supply and future demand forecast to identify the gap.
  4. Use human resource planning tools to eliminate the gap and fulfill human require requirement.

Types of Human Resource Planning Spreadsheet Template:

There are several tools and techniques available in the market to analyze the capability or skill set of available employees and to determine the future requirements of diversifying business situations.

With these techniques, there are several types of spreadsheet templates helping project managers in different projects.  Few of the most common ones are;

  1. SWOT Analysis Spreadsheet
  2. Organizational Chart Template
  3. RACI Matrix Template
  4. 9 Box Grid
  5. Scenario Planning Template
  6. Replacement Chart

SWOT Analysis Spreadsheet

SWOT analysis is the tool used to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for any parameter of the organization.

Using this tool for self-evaluation of employees or to assess the current capability of the organization is preferred. It analyzes available resource strengths and weaknesses and looks for the opportunities keeping in view the threats by competitors.

An organizational chart is realistic tools use to map the hierarchy of the organization with reference to reporting, roles and responsibilities pattern. It can be used to properly staff a required skill set for a particular goal and analyze the need for any missing role in the organization structure.

RACI Matrix Spreadsheet

RACI Matrix stands for responsible, consulted and informed. This tool is used by project managers to assign roles to different activities of the project. It nominates the human resource for each task of each project phase as responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.

9 Box Grid tool is used for rating of a current employee on their performance and talents using a graphical approach where the x-axis covers the performance and y-axis provides potential or talent record. The bottom left box is considered as talent risk and the desired employee is from top right consistent star box.

Strategical Workforce Planning Spreadsheet

Scenario planning is used to forecast the future skill demand of the organization by considering the potential of different scenarios that may affect the organization such as financial change, technological advancements, and disasters. Just like production capacity planning, this spreadsheet working the same.

Replacement chart is a modified form of organization chart used to identify the replacement for each role in the organization hierarchy who is going to retire or leave the business.

Employee Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet

Important spreadsheet template for HR manager. Through this spreadsheet template, you can manage employee vacations annually. Complete manage employee-related attendance, expense budget, and vacation tracker.


Staffing Planning Spreadsheet

From staff duty roster planning to task management spreadsheet, you can download easily.

For more about Spreadsheet for Human Resource Planning, you can request ProjectSpreadsheet. Some of the templates are only accessible on request only.



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