KPI Dashboard Excel Template

KPI dashboard templates are used for tracking, monitoring, and controlling different functions. In this post, you will download plenty of KPI Template excel, like production, sales, HR, Construction and other businesses custom dashboard in excel format.

All the key functions of business have some parameters that must be monitored, tracked, and controlled effectively. These parameters are called key performance indicators.

  1. Recruitment, Logistics, and Sales KPI Dashboard
  2. Maintain KPI Dashboard
  3. Supply chain, Warehouse KPI Dashboard
  4. Ms. Excel format
  5. Project Management Dashboard

So, these KPI dashboards excel template is useful in the functions of production, sales, HR, construction, and communication. It provides the quickest view of the progress of all KPI of a function. Moreover, it is very important to analyze the available information in real-time and quickly to ensure the success of every function of a business.

Key Features of KPI Dashboard Excel

By definition, the key performance indicators are the critical measurable quantitative values of the business function that requires real-time quick attention of the higher management.

Also, the KPI’s for the specific function of a business isn’t the same for all the types of businesses. The manager has to define the KPIs of relevant functions according to business nature.

KPI Dashboard Excel Template

The dashboards of the KPIs are made for quick visuality of the important values that must be easily accessible to the function team. Moreover, it helps the relevant team to stay updated and focus on the set goal for achievement.

Production KPI Dashboard:

The production KPI dashboard is used on the production floor. There can be different KPIs for the production of different products. However, commonly this domain includes the following categories of KPIs.

  1. Quality
  2. Efficiency
  3. Reducing Inventory
  4. Ensuring Compliance
  5. Customer Experience & Responsiveness

These categories of KPIs must be monitored using a tabular dashboard excel template. Moreover, this sheet should include tracking, monitoring, and controlling functions as a unit, previous year, target, actual, actual/previous year percentage, and actual/target percentage. It can be tracked on a monthly and cumulative basis.

  1. Production scheduling template excel

Sales KPI Dashboard:

The sales KPI dashboard is used by the sales team to visualize the sales target and achievement for a particular period. It usually includes information about the number of sales, revenue, profit, and cost.

Moreover, a few of the statistical tools are used for analysis in terms of sales revenue, cost breakdown, accumulated revenue, and incremental sales.

In some businesses, leads created and opportunities won are included as a success factor on the sales key performance indicators dashboard. However, the purpose of this practice is to assist the sales team in quickly visualize the target and achievement.


HR KPI Dashboard:

The human resource department is one of the critical business functions in any type of business. It makes sure the availability of the required skill set at the required time for the required task. However, many other tasks required the utmost attention of the HR manager and team.

Recruitment Tracker spreadsheet

So, the HR KPI dashboards excel assists the HR team to quickly analyze the performance of HR functions. Mostly, it involves parameters such as total salary, average salary, average age, permanent rate, turnover rate, absenteeism rate, total headcount, hired, and vacancies.

Construction KPI Dashboard Template:

There are a lot of activities under action at a time on a construction site. It is important for the construction project team to efficiently monitor all critical functions of the construction project.

However, these are the tasks has to be managed in all senses including funds management, cost control, resources management, human resource management, and all.

Therefore, construction key performance indicators can be chosen from any of the below:

  1. Cash Balance
  2. Change Orders
  3. Actual Working Days
  4. Client Satisfaction
  5. Cost Predictability
  6. Tasks Completion Ratio
  7. Labor Cost
  8. Accidents Rate
  9. Profitability
  10. ROI (Company & Client)

Call Center KPI Dashboard:

The call center KPI dashboard is used by the call center authorities to analyze the targets and achievements. Moreover, it can be used to visualize the performance of call center employees.

There is a huge list of call center key performance indicators that are used by the companies. Moreover, It includes the percentage of calls blocked, average abandonment rate, average time in queue, service level, average speed of answer, average handle time, average after call work time, customer satisfaction, occupancy rate, agent absenteeism, and agent turnover rate.

In conclusion, the key performance dashboards are the displays that include all the data about the business function that is important to visualize.

These KPI dashboards excel aren’t static. It keeps on changing as the business or project grows. Therefore, it is selected by the managers to include what type of information for visualization according to the business time.


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