Project management is a discipline that looks forward to the team having experience in a variety of disciplines for the successful management of the project. In this sheet, you can download multiple types of project management spreadsheets like;

  1. Gantt Chart Sheet
  2. Project Plan Spreadsheet
  3. Project Tracking Sheet Excel
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Therefore, the project team can’t put all of their efforts and time into the development of project management sheets that are required for effective management of project processes. Google means spreadsheet-based template you can also access through different web-based source data and get reports.

The Google Sheets Project Management Template is a pre-designed spreadsheet that helps users effectively manage and track various aspects of a project. It provides a structured layout with different sheets and tabs. It is allowing users to organize and monitor tasks, timelines, resources, and progress.

The template typically includes the following components:

  1. Project Overview: This sheet provides a summary of the project, including its goals, objectives, stakeholders, and key dates.
  2. Task List: This sheet lists all the tasks required to complete the project. It may include columns for task names, descriptions, assigned team members, start and end dates, and task statuses.
  3. Gantt Chart: A Gantt chart visualizes the project schedule, showing tasks as bars along a timeline. It helps in understanding task dependencies, tracking progress, and identifying potential bottlenecks.
  4. Resource Management: This sheet helps allocate and track project resources, such as team members, equipment, or materials. It may include columns for resource names, availability, assigned tasks, and project costs.
  5. Risk Management: This sheet enables users to identify, assess, and mitigate project risks. It typically includes columns for risk descriptions, likelihood, impact, mitigation strategies, and current status.
  6. Milestones and Deliverables: This sheet outlines key project milestones and deliverables. It helps in monitoring progress and ensuring timely completion of important project phases or outcomes.
  7. Budget and Expenses: This sheet helps manage project finances by tracking budget estimates, actual expenses, and variances. It may include columns for cost categories, planned budgets, actual spending, and remaining funds.
  8. Communication Log: This sheet documents project-related communications, such as meetings, emails, or phone calls. It helps in maintaining a record of discussions, decisions, and actions taken.

These are just some common components found in project management templates for Google Sheets. However, the specific features and layout may vary depending on the template and the needs of the project.

Moreover, the project team prefers to use templates available online for almost every knowledge area and process of project management.

Project Management Google Sheets Template

The project management templates in the Google sheet have a lot of preformatted tools and settings to use at different project stages. However, these Google Sheets Project Management Templates can be easily converted to MS Excel spreadsheets.

The Google sheet templates are very helpful and effective in all the phases of project management. Moreover, the flexibility and simplicity of these Google sheet templates make them competitive with expensive project management tools.

Project Management Google Sheets Template

Importance for Project Manager

The success of the project depends on how the project has been managed by the project team. Therefore, a good project team focuses on the goals and objectives of the project and chooses the best approach to achieve them.

So, keeping in view the importance of project management. The project managers must put their efforts directly into project activities. Instead of wasting their valuable time in making formats and templates for documentation purposes.

  1. Here, project management Google sheet templates play an important role by providing preset Google sheets for almost all the project needs.
  2. Project scheduling, planning, tracking, budgeting, and risk management templates are the most common project management Google templates.

However, project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, resource, risk, and communication management templates in Google Sheets are vital to google sheets of a project.

There are a few obvious benefits linked with the usage of project management Google sheet templates:

  1. It saves valuable time for project managers and project teams.
  2. It requires only beginners’ skills to use and customize the templates as per the nature of the project.
  3. It is easy for the project managers to choose the most suitable Google sheet for their project.
  4. Easily available for almost all the major functions and activities of the project management defined by PMBOK.
  5. Highly recommended by experienced and professional project managers.
  6. The free and cheap alternative to expensive project management software tools.

Types of Project Management Google Sheet:

Project management templates for Google Sheets are used to serve all the major disciplines of project management techniques and tools. Therefore, there are several types of project management templates in the Google sheet. However, three major categories of project management templates are:

  1. Planning Templates in Google Sheet
  2. Evaluation and Reporting Templates in Google
  3. Tracking Templates in Google Sheet

With Google Sheets, you can create or edit spreadsheets directly in your web browser without using the required software. Many people work simultaneously, you can see all the changes are made by them and every change saves automatically.

Project Plan Google Sheet Template

Project planning templates for Google Sheets are helpful in all the knowledge areas and processes under the planning and even execution process groups of project management. Also, these are utilized in the planning phase and modified in the execution stage for the tracing purpose.

If you have a workable project management template for Google that you customize to fits your project.

There are some common Google sheets to plan by following your project:

  1. Project budget template for Google sheet
  2. Action plan template for Google sheet
  3. Task tracker template for Google sheet
  4. Work break down Structure template for Google sheet
  5. To-do List for Google sheet
  6. RACI Matrix tem[late for Google sheet
  7. Resources plan template for Google sheet
  8. Status Report Template for Google sheet

Limitation of Google Sheets:

Up to 10 million cells for spreadsheets that are created or converted to Google Sheets.

40,000 rows and a maximum of 18,278 columns are there at a time.

Tabs: 200 sheets per workbook.

Google Docs Project Management Template

The purpose of project tracking templates for google Sheets can be well understood from its name. Although, these templates not only serve the purpose of tracking any process of project management.

Google Docs Gantt chart Template

Gantt chart is a very important sheet of Docs. A variety of templates has been available for you or custom templates only on request.  But, the uses and benefits of project tracking templates are way more than just tracking.

Typically, project tracking templates are considered as the extraction of project planning templates.

To make a Gantt chart in Google DOC

  • . Prepare your project data
  • . Insert the Bar graph
  • . Transform the bar graph into a Gantt chart
  • . Insert a chart from sheets.
  • . Find your Gantt chart template
  • . Start from a blank template
  • . Customize your Gantt chart

Google Gantt charts illustrate the start, end, and duration of tasks within a project. A task may have as well as any dependencies.

A Google DOC project management template is a document that helps you to guide throughout the project life cycle from planning to delivery. Use this template help to plan, monitor, schedule, and fulfill your project deliverables.

Project Cost Tracker Google Sheets

Project evaluation templates in google Sheets always work parallel to tracking templates as these sheets utilize tracker sheet results for analysis. So, the most common analyses performed during the project implementation phase are related to managing human resources, quality, risk, time, finances, and records.

A project cost tracker provides you with a clear picture of your financial situation. The budget templates can be broad by grouping spending into budgets like “utilities”.  While you create your own budget planner, this template helps save you time and ensures that you include all the necessary information.

A project cost tracker following these data:

  • . Variables cost
  • . Cash flow
  • . Income
  • . Expenditures
  • . One-off lose
  • . Profits
  • . Loses

Similarly, the reporting templates for project management are used to report the information and results of the evaluation Google Sheets Project Management Template. However, these templates are also used for keeping stakeholders alive, to celebrate the achievements, and to discuss change policy, and project progress.

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