Construction Project Schedule Template Excel

Look at Construction Project Templates in Excel. We have all in one template for both construction and residential projects with auto daily payment management.

The role of project management in construction projects is very important. Almost all construction firms must hire people having expertise in project management and tools. With the addition of Gantt chart Google sheet, this becomes of the top templates for your project.

  1. All types of Construction projects (Residential + Commercial)
  2. 3 week look ahead construction & Multiple construction projects
  3. Punch List also add with this project
  4. Easy cost tracking template
  5. Payment scheduling & HR team management template
  6. Display on Bar chart & Pert Chart for evaluation and documentation of the project
  7. Multiple project planning spreadsheet & Tracking tools

The Multiple Construction Project Schedule Template in Excel is a tool used in the construction industry to create and manage project schedules. It is designed to help project managers and construction teams effectively plan and track multiple construction projects simultaneously.

This template typically includes various sections and features to organize project information, such as project names, start and end dates, tasks, milestones, and dependencies.

It allows users to input project-specific details, such as the duration of each task, resource assignments, and progress updates.

With the Multiple Construction Project Schedule Template in Excel, users can visualize the overall timeline of multiple projects, identify critical paths, manage resources efficiently, and track the progress of individual tasks and projects.

It often includes interactive features like Gantt charts, which provide a graphical representation of the project schedule and help in identifying potential scheduling conflicts or delays.

Using this template can enhance coordination and communication among project stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions and take necessary actions to ensure project success.

It streamlines project management processes and facilitates efficient project execution by providing a centralized tool for scheduling and monitoring multiple construction projects in one place.

Please note that while a generic template may exist, there are several variations and customized versions available depending on specific project requirements and organization preferences.

Therefore, making and maintain an effective project schedule is a vital part of any construction project. Moreover, a well-planned project schedule helps the project team multiple times.

It assists to streamline all the project activities, minimize downtime, and do efforts to ensure the timely completion of the project.

Construction Project Schedule Template Excel

Construction Programmed Template Excel

Similar to other projects, a good project schedule provides a clear understanding of the project timeline and milestones. Also, it must be updated in real-time to track the actual progress.

  1. Moreover, it allows the project team to analyze what activities of the project are completed?
  2. Which activities are under progress?
  3. And which activities are coming next?

However, small-scale construction firm focus to use free construction schedule templates created using the MS Excel spreadsheet tool.

A construction schedule is defines to create every event and task in an upcoming project during the project planning phase. The plan is included all the resources need in every step of the plan and they will divide up between team throughout all stages of development.


  1. Project Name
  2. Project Manager
  3. Enter Project Start and end date
  4. Project phases

Construction work Schedule Template

Therefore, a construction project is always in a dare to balance all the activities, resources and budget on a job site. Now, every project looks towards the earliest possible completion without any delays.

However, even a well-planned project isn’t perfect to avoid the delays. But project managers must make sure the elimination of delays and consequences of poor scheduling of a construction project.

There are many simple and professional options available in the market to schedule a construction project. The following points can outline the importance of making an effective schedule for a construction project.

  1. It assigns the start and end date to each activity of the project.
  2. The construction firms can analyze their ability to complete the project as per schedule to avoid penalties.
  3. A preliminary budget can be made based on the schedule.
  4. A good schedule enables the construction firm to estimate bids.
  5. It helps the project team to arrange resources on requirements as per schedule.
  6. A sequence of activities is being delivered by the schedule to have looked at what’s coming next.
  7. It identifies and eliminates bottlenecks.
  8. If updated on time, it helps to analyze and track the progress of a construction project in real-time.
  9. A construction schedule can be used as a tracking sheet to compare the actual and planned completion dates of activities.

Types of Construction Project Schedule Template

There are several techniques used in the construction industry for effective scheduling of a project. However, some of the highly recommended methods include:

  • Bar Charts
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Line of Balance (LOB)
  • Q-Scheduling

Although there are several types of bar chart being used. However, the most common and the easiest one in the form of a Gantt chart

Residential Construction Schedule Template

Work schedule of residential projects building to building (houses + Apartments) with online payment tracking option in excel spreadsheet.

A residential home construction schedule breakdown into phase and then complete it in each step. It is also lists the milestones.


. Allow you to plan multiple projects at a time.

. Helps you make sure that you will have material and supplies, any time you need them.

. Shows how far your company is book so you can avoid overextended.

. Specifies the method and order of workflow, so the team members cannot waste the time.

In order to actually create the schedule, you will need a complete number of tasks.

  1. Make sure you understand the project.
  2. List potential list
  3. List specific tasks and activity
  4. Write out the order
  5. Determine your time units
  6. Figure out how long
  7. Determine the milestones
  8. Create a Gantt chart
  9. Fill it

Key components:

  • . Pre- construction
  • . Site preparation and work
  • . Carpentry and finishes
  • . Exterior landscaping
  • . Trim and hardware
  • . Touch up and clean up
  • . Final walk

A number of factors can affect the ability to stick a new construction schedule.

Try to these managing changes

  • . Approval, permits and inspection
  • . Size and difficulty
  • . Weather
  • . Sub-contractor’s workload
  • . Change the order
  • . Material availability

Commonly Ask Questions:

  1. Is template available for a daily or weekly basis?
  2. Is it possible to change in ready-made design?
  3. How many templates of the construction spreadsheet is available?
  4. Is Gantt chart is attached in this template?
  5. How many projects could handle through this single template?
  6. Multiple project tracking systems available?

If you require some more detail about this template, then you can request 

Commercial Construction Project Template

The commercial schedule is a little bit different type of template. If you need some changes in this template, then you can contact us.

Use this customization template to organize your commercial construction project from start to end. Enter your business plan details including notes about the return on investment and project description.

Doing this, it ensure that you can clearly articulate of your goals. Enter every task associated with your project and assign that each task to the appropriate supervisor and track all over progress and complete success.

In addition, the use of a construction schedule template excel for the scheduling of construction projects is very significant. There are several pros linked with the good scheduling of a project.

Also, several methods are available to use as per the nature of a construction project.This robust template keeps your project on time and within budget.

The commercial construction templates divide into these basic stages:

  1. Proposal and Documentation
  2. Design
  3. Permits
  4. Contracts
  5. Inspection

Keep all of the stakeholders, clients and vendors are in the loop. They all ensure that each task moves toward your longer construction goal.

Having commercial construction schedule template is must because without careful planning then don’t expect construction will produce a quality building.


  • . Break down complex projects into manageable tasks.
  • . Allocate resources effectively and avoid unnecessary delays
  • . Keep everyone on accountable
  • . Identify potential risks before they become major issues.
  •  . Improve communication and collaboration among team members or stakeholders.

This template can use quickly to schedule commercial construction projects for single or groups of buildings. This template is a detail but filtered version of commercial master template.

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