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Multi-tasking is considered as the most important skill of the project managers. Download Gantt chart template in Google sheet. However, there is always a limit of tasks a single mind can manage in parallel. Moreover, unexpected events keep on pushing the project out of track. Gantt chart web-based project tracking with milestone and timesheet is most use tool of project management.

Therefore, the Gantt chart in google sheets helps the project managers to track the project most simply and smartly.

What is Gantt Chart? Importance in Project Management

However, some advanced formats of the Gantt chart also include information about the dependencies, required resources, and person responsible.

  1. Online tracking multiple projects through Google Sheet
  2. Can merge with other spreadsheets of excel
  3. Project Timeline tracking and Task Management tracking
  4. Also Linked with Google Drive Gantt chart
  5. Identify project scheduling and issues tracking, if project isn’t meet their goal

The Gantt chart is always an essential part of all the project management tools. However, project management software is too expensive to afford for a small-scale project.

Also, the project management special tools are much more complex to use for a less experienced team. Therefore, it is always recommended by the project management professionals to use simple google sheets type templates.

The Gantt chart google sheets are very simple, ready to use, edit and customize. Therefore, it doesn’t require any professional skill of tool to use it efficiently.

Key Features of Gantt chart Template Google Sheets:

The google sheets are very helpful for project management due to its synergic design. As there are several stakeholders involved in the management of a project. Therefore, the whole project team needs to track the updated progress of a project in a single file.

  1. The google sheets have a special function of sharing the spreadsheet with every team member.
  2. So, the progress of the project can be view and updated in real-time by each team member.

The cloud base nature of the google sheets helps the project team to stay updated on the latest information about the project progress. It means that even one person will make any change to the online file from any location. It will be delivered to everyone automatically.

Gantt Chart Template Google Sheets

A Gantt chart in google sheets is accessible to everyone and contains accurate information about the planning and monitoring of the project schedule and timeline.

How to Create Gantt Chart Google Sheets?

You can create an easily custom template without any Macros and any other advance excel. There are five key phases of project management. Every phase of the project is subdivided into the smallest elements of tasks. For example, the phases might be “planning”, the subgroup might be “Risk Analysis” and the task might be “Risk Assessment Matrix”.

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These tasks are allocated to the teams that are responsible for the timely completion of the activities. These tasks are categorized in a specific format known as a work breakdown structure.

Therefore, the work breakdown structure is preferred to be used in the Gantt Chart. It shows the dependencies between the tasks and tasks can be easily identified by the name or WBS number.

Essential Elements Google Sheet

There are several components included in the project management Gantt chart google sheets. Most of the elements are related to the scheduling of the activities. A basic Gantt chart google sheet must include the following elements:

  1. WBS Number
  2. Task Description or Title
  3. Responsible Team
  4. Start Date
  5. Due Date
  6. Duration
  7. Percentage of the Task Completion
  8. Phase-wise Gantt Chart

Gantt chart part of the template includes a calendar form sheet having project phase, project week, date, and day of the week written in the horizontal axis of the Gantt chart google sheet.

Linked Google Sheet with Gantt Chart Template

Tasks are mapped along the vertical axis as per WBS number of the tasks. However, the tasks are graphically mapped over the Gantt chart using graphical illustrations such as color-coding.

Dynamic Sheet

Therefore, the color marking for each task starts from the date it’s starting and ends on the date it will be completed in the row having WBS number of the task.

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In this way, all the tasks are graphically mapped over the Gantt chart that allows the project team to visually see the important information such as start date, end date, duration, and sequence of activities in the quickest possible way.

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