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Banks are a modern source of money management for businesses. So, the companies open bank accounts to perform business financial transactions. Thus, almost all the developed companies use bank accounts as a means of money transfer.

What information must be included on the bank account sheet is depends on the type of bank account sheet. All investment tracking spreadsheet can manage through this template.


However, the basic bank account balance sheet must include the following information to fulfill its purpose well:

  1. Date and Time of Transaction
  2. Type of Transaction
  3. Bank Account Numbers
  4. Deposit / Credit
  5. Balance

Further, a reconciliation bank sheet is also very common. Its purpose is to verify the bank statement with the company ledger. So, it must include the bank statement information along with additional details of the transaction such as transaction ID, cheque number, and amount.

Manage Multiple Bank Accounts Spreadsheet Excel

So, when the goods and information are transferred over the supply chain network. The company transfer the money via bank account cheques or pay orders. However, online banking has also started making its way into business transactions.

As there are a lot of financial transactions performed by the businesses using bank accounts in the form of bank cheques or online transactions. Thus, it is very important to manage the bank account spreadsheet excel for accounting purposes.

The bank account spreadsheet excel includes the verification of the transaction either from the account or to the account and balances. Therefore, the accounting sheet for bank accounts is used by all the bank account holder.

Further, the company may choose to enable the feature of weekly or monthly bank statements. So, the bank will share the details of transactions performed for the set time.

Also, the company may enable the feature to monitor all the financial and non-financial transactions of a bank account. It helps to main the transparency of money management in the business.

Money Management Excel Sheet

There are many types of bank account spreadsheet templates. Each serves a different purpose. Thus, the business may choose any from the following list to fulfill the required purpose.

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  1. Bank Account Statement
  2. Bank Account Balance Sheet
  3. Bank Transaction Sheet
  4. Monthly Reconciliation Spreadsheet
  5. Bank Register Spreadsheet

Significance of Manage Bank Account Excel Sheet for Business:

The bank account Excel sheets are very helpful for the companies to manage the bank account transactions. Thus, companies need to develop a bank account statement for many reasons.

Also, the company should understand how to properly use the bank account sheet for reconciliation and verification of the financial transactions.

Manage Income & Expense Sheet

So, as the companies also main a separate record of all the transactions. Thus, the company can filter the transactions made via bank account from their company general ledger.

  1. Expense Budget Spreadsheet

Further, this ledger is later reconciled with the bank statement for verification. So, any missing entry can be made before the closing of the company’s monthly accounts.

So, the company can use the bank account template to manage withdrawals, transaction type, deposits, balance, and reconciliation.

Finally, the main purpose of the mano age multiple bank account excel is the reconciliation of the bank statement with the company ledger. So, any irregularities can be seriously monitored to maintain the transparency in company money management system.


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