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Looking for asset tracking template? We have Excel format (Layout Template) for manage inventory of asset (IT, OFFICE, Software) and other businesses. There are three main components of a company balance sheet. Total assets, total liabilities, and equity. Assets are recorded at their cost and not adjust is made in a change in market value.

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Moreover, long-term assets like equipment and buildings depreciate with time. Thus, these assets are recorded after extracting the depreciation cost. Just like KPI Template excel, you can maintain dashboard like that.

  1. Warehouse Asset Inventory Management
  2. IT Asset Inventory Tracking
  3. Software Asset Tracking
  4. Manage easily Stock portfolio Asset

Furthermore, there are many assets of a company that isn’t yet acquired in the transaction. That’s why those assets aren’t visible in the balance sheet. These assets are intangible assets such as goodwill, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and franchise agreements.

The Asset Tracking Template in Excel is a pre-designed spreadsheet that helps you keep track of your assets, such as equipment, inventory, or other valuable items. It provides a structured format for recording important information about each asset, including its name, description, location, acquisition date, value, and other relevant details.

Using the Asset Tracking Template, you can create a centralized database of your assets, which allows for easy monitoring, organization, and reporting. The template typically includes features like data validation, drop-down lists, and formulas to automate calculations and ensure data accuracy.

With the Asset Tracking Template, you can efficiently track the movement, maintenance, and depreciation of your assets over time. It enables you to generate reports, summaries, and visualizations that provide insights into asset utilization, costs, and overall inventory management.

Overall, the Asset Tracking Template in Excel is a useful tool for businesses, organizations, or individuals who want to effectively manage and monitor their assets in a convenient and structured manner.

The use of assets spreadsheet template is for many purposes. These spreadsheets are developed using MS Excel and are very easy to customize as per business.

Types of Asset Tracking Spreadsheet Excel:

There are many formats of assets spreadsheet templates accordingly to the end-user. The most common ones are:

  1. Total Assets Value Spreadsheet
  2. Assets Inventory Spreadsheet Template
  3. Fixed Assets Record with Depreciation
  4. Assets Tracking Spreadsheet Template
  5. Fixed Assets Inventory Schedule

What information is present on the assets spreadsheet template depends on the use of the template. There are many different types of assets spreadsheet templates are enlisted above.

Total Asset Tracking Spreadsheet

The total assets value spreadsheet template enlist all the current and non-current tangible assets of the company.

Asset Tracking Template Excel

Their market values are identified and enlisted to sum-up the value of the total assets of the company. However, large-fixed assets depreciate with time. Therefore, these assets value is written down after subtracting the depreciated amount.

Asset Inventory Tracking Template

Similarly, the Asset Tracking Template Excel is used to track, maintain and control the inventory of company assets. Just like production schedule template excel, you can manage this template.

The main components of this spreadsheet include asset name, description, category, location, purchase information, quantity, value, item detail, and total assets inventory value. This template is used for non-depreciating assets.

Fixed Asset Record Spreadsheet

The fixed assets record with a depreciation spreadsheet template is used to find the depreciated value of the assets after a specific time. The main components of this spreadsheet are asset name, asset category, description, previous depreciation, first-year %age, and depreciation this period.

Moreover, the fixed assets inventory schedule is used to track and control the use of assets inventory. It plays a very important role in the control of the inventory management system. Thus, the main components of the fixed assets inventory schedule spreadsheet include quantity, Principal price, total price, purchase date, placement position, and user name.

How to make Assets Tracking  Template in Excel?

There are many ways and formats to create an asset spreadsheet template. These spreadsheets can be automatically generated from a supply chain management tool or an enterprise resource planning system. However, most of the small businesses make use of MS Excel or Google Sheets tools to develop assets template.

Google Asset Tracking Sheet

The basic form of assets spreadsheet consists of a table. A summary of the total assets value, spreadsheet title and time is included in the head section.

Furthermore, the body of the Asset Tracking Template Excel has a table that includes information specific to the assets spreadsheet type as mentioned in the above section.

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