Trucking expenses spreadsheet is created to help the owner-operator or a small truck fleet business.

Due to the different costs involved in the business of trucking. There is only a small profit margin and it’s really challenging to earn a lot of money in the trucking business.

  1. Multiple Trucking expense reports generate
  2. Multiple trucking companies manage
  3. MS Excel-Based Format
  4. Manage huge truck expense through spreadsheet

Therefore, it is important to timely understand the expenses/costs involved in the trucking business as much as possible. Unless one understands the costs involved. It can’t be controlled to generate profit out of it.

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The Trucking Expenses Spreadsheet is a tool used by trucking companies or truck owners to track and manage their expenses related to operating a trucking business. It is typically a spreadsheet created in software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, designed to organize and calculate various expenses associated with trucking operations.

The spreadsheet may include categories such as fuel costs, maintenance and repairs, insurance premiums, permits and licenses, toll fees, parking fees, driver wages, leasing or financing payments, and other miscellaneous expenses. Each category would have separate columns or sections where the user can input the corresponding amounts.

The purpose of the Trucking Expenses Spreadsheet is to provide a comprehensive overview of the financial aspects of running a trucking business. By accurately recording and analyzing expenses, trucking companies can monitor their cash flow, evaluate profitability, identify areas for cost reduction, and prepare financial statements or reports for tax purposes.

The spreadsheet can also be customized to include additional features or calculations specific to the needs of the trucking business. Some spreadsheets may include formulas to automatically calculate totals, averages, or percentages, making it easier for users to analyze their expenses and make informed decisions about their operations.

Essential Components of Trucking Expenses Spreadsheet:

This template helps the owner-operator to have a look at all the major and critical expenses involved in the trucking business.

The summary of the expenses is;

  1. Accounting & Legal Fees
  2. License and Route Permit Fees
  3. Repairs & Maintenance Costs
  4. Debt Payments
  5. Fueling Costs
  6. Cell Phone Charges
  7. Food and Drinks Costs

In this article, comprehensive details of expenses are involved in the business of trucking? How to estimate and control these expenses?

Trucking Expenses Spreadsheet

This article is equally helpful for the one who is thinking to start a new business or in business fora long time. Also, for the owner-operators who are into the business fora long time. But want to streamline their expenses to generate profit out of the business.

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Also, our trucking expenses is a time-saving tool for the owner-operators. It saves a lot of effort, makes the calculation error-free and easier. Also, this template is unique according to its specific purpose.

Trucking Mileage Spreadsheet

There are several advantages to using the trucking expenses spreadsheet template. It’s helpful for the startup, commercial business, and owner-operators. Just like the Truck Driver Dot log book template, this sheet must manage through proper attention daily to a weekly basis.

It helps to understand all the expenses involved in the trucking business. It explains the expenses in-depth to make sure nothing gets ignored.

So, the ultimate purpose is to make efforts to control and reduce expenses. The reduction in expenses will definitely appear in the income statement in terms of profit.

Calculate Cost per Miles of Truck

As per estimations, the average expenses involved in the trucking business is 95% of the total revenue. This means if an owner-operator earns gross revenue of $20. The net profit earned by the owner is just $1.

  1. The rest of the 95% of the gross revenue of the business goes into expenses such as fueling, debt payments, maintenance costs, food and drink cost, and permits cost.
  2. Moreover, there are two ways of increasing the profit of a business. One way is the expansion of business to increase revenue. While the other way is to reduce the costs.

Both approaches can be adopted by the business as per capacity. But for owner-operators, it is not possible always to expand the business for more revenue generation. Therefore, the use of cost-cutting techniques is preferred and recommended for small businesses, and owner-operators.

In conclusion, the trucking expenses spreadsheet is important to be used by all the owner-operators. Due to the small profit margin and high operating costs of the business. It is required to carefully analyze all the involved expenses and find ways to reduce them.


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