Restaurant Daily Sales Spreadsheet

Looking for restaurant management spreadsheet. In this article, you can Download FREE restaurant management (Loss and Profit, Inventory Management, Payroll Tracking, Duty Roster) spreadsheet for Free. The restaurant business is a good example of a small business company that needs to manage its daily sales, expenses, and income.

Ms Excel based restaurant sales spreadsheet is very helpful to your small businesses. Just like Restaurant Expense Spreadsheet, this one exact creates.

A Restaurant Daily Sales Spreadsheet is a tool used by restaurant owners or managers to track and analyze the daily sales performance of their establishment. It is typically an Excel or Google Sheets document that contains various columns and rows to input and calculate relevant data.

The spreadsheet may include columns for the date, day of the week, sales revenue, number of customers, average check amount, sales by menu category (e.g., appetizers, entrees, desserts), sales by payment type (e.g., cash, credit card), and any other relevant metrics or information.

By recording and organizing data on a daily basis, restaurant owners and managers can monitor their sales trends, identify peak periods, assess the impact of promotions or marketing campaigns, track the performance of specific menu items, and make informed decisions regarding pricing, inventory management, and overall business strategies.

Additionally, a Restaurant Daily Sales Spreadsheet may also include formulas and functions to automatically calculate totals, averages, and other performance indicators, providing a clear overview of the restaurant’s financial performance over time.

Thus, restaurant business owners either require a full-time accountant for this purpose or they are looking for digital resources that can make these activities a matter of a few minutes.

  1. From raw inventory managing to Food stock-take management
  2. Restaurant Employee payroll Tracking & Management
  3. The complete inventory of BAR and Café Tracking
  4. Easily create a client database
  5. Easy to create daily expense budget restaurant weekly or monthly loss and profit
  6. Ask more about Template

So, the restaurant’s daily sales spreadsheet is useful for restaurant managers to record, manage, and analyze the daily sales of a restaurant. As these spreadsheets are excel generated. Thus, it requires minimum to no professional skill to manage. It’s just a matter of simple data entry and mathematics to calculate the desired output in seconds.

Restaurant Daily Sales Spreadsheet

Key Features Restaurant Daily Sales Spreadsheet:

There are several applications of using a daily sales spreadsheet in the restaurant business. Most of the companies have printed data sheets to fill in on a daily basis and a weekly sheet in digital form to calculate the weekly sum.

However, a daily sales spreadsheet is also useful that may contain data places for 7 days of a week. However, each day will generate a separate output, and a weekly total is also calculated.

Restaurant Loss and Profit Spreadsheet

With this sheet, you can easily manage weekly to monthly loss and profit sheets, which further help you in TAX.

A very basic purpose of daily sales sheets to analyze which products of the restaurant are generating more and more revenue. So, the restaurant may consider those products as core competencies and promote the restaurant for those to generate more benefits.

Further, it also helps to make an analysis in the form of how much revenue the restaurant has generated from each category of food items like drinks, and meals. Moreover, the meals tax and other classes are separated to analyze the actual revenue of products.

Restaurant Payroll Spreadsheet Excel

Easy to create a restaurant employee payroll tracker, in this case, you must require an extra spreadsheet of payroll tracker. Also, if a company provides some discounts, complementary foods, or drinks. The cost of these perks is excluded from the total receipt price to calculate net revenue.

Similarly, some restaurant owners merge the daily sales sheet with a deposit sheet. As it makes sense to enlist the deposit details in form of cash and credits categories like master card, V/MC, AMEX, and cash deposit.

Inventory Spreadsheet for Restaurant

Attach inventory management with these businesses. Most important sheet for record daily sales activity. The total of these deposits is matched with the daily net revenue and errors are adjusted.


How to Create Custom Spreadsheet of Restaurant Daily Sales?

Let’s look at how you can create a custom sheet for your exact restaurant businesses? What information must be included in the restaurant’s daily sales sheet is linked with how we are going to use it.

If someone wants to see the analysis of the deposit. The cash and credit details also have to be included in the daily sales and deposit sheet. Thus, the objective of making restaurant daily sales sheet defines the essential components of the template.

Daily Sales Management Sheet

However, a basic Restaurant Daily Sales Spreadsheet for small restaurants must include the date, total receipts price of each food category separately like food, cold drinks, fresh juices, and ice-cream. Also, the sales tax is included in the total revenue.

Then few exclusions are made like discounts and complimentary food or drink prices to calculate the net revenue.

Debit & Credit Daily Restaurant Sheet

Now, the cash & credit deals are included for each medium like visa card, master card, company voucher, and cash.

Finally, if the total of cash & credit section equates with the net revenue, the cash variation is counted as null. For any disparity, the values are reviewed and any special discounts or adjustments are added in the notes section to explain the cash variation.

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