Looking for the Best editable Family tree template? On this page, I will show some useful templates in the form of a different hierarchy chart. This template is for Google Docs, so you can use it in the spreadsheet of Google.

It is helpful for many professions to analyze different things such as the family tree charts used in medicine or social work are classified as genograms. Moreover, a simple family tree chart is also known as a pedigree chart. In this tree, you can easily remind your ancestors, family cousins and friends/family friends.

The Family Tree Template in Google Docs is a pre-designed document that allows you to create and organize a visual representation of your family’s lineage. It is a tool within Google Docs, which is a web-based word processing program provided by Google. The Family Tree Template in Google Docs provides a structure and format for displaying family relationships, including ancestors, descendants, siblings, and other relatives.

With this template, you can input names, dates of birth and death, and other relevant information about family members to construct a comprehensive family tree. The template typically includes boxes or shapes to represent individuals and lines connecting them to indicate their relationships. You can customize the template by adding images, changing the layout, and adjusting the design elements to suit your preferences.

Using the collaborative features of Google Docs, you can invite family members or other collaborators to contribute to the family tree, making it a shared project. This allows everyone to contribute their knowledge and expand the tree with additional branches and information.

To access the Family Tree Template in Google Docs, you can either search for it within the Google Docs template gallery or find downloadable templates from external sources that can be opened and edited in Google Docs.

Many of us must have heard about family trees. These charts are a part of a genealogy group. However, these family trees are much more sophisticated than primary school immediate family paintings.

  1. These templates can use in creating organizational charts also
  2. Google Docs-Based Template (Editable)
  3. Custom Template is available on request only
  4. Different google sheets are available on request only

Therefore, more precise and accurate family trees can be created for multiple generations using genealogy tools.

Editable Family Tree Google Sheet

There are various ways of creating a family tree. However, family tree templates are available online to help in creation. The most commonly used one is a family tree template google docs.

Moreover, google DOCS template is used online to just enter the names and relationships of all the family members on different branches generation wise.

Family Tree Template Google Docs

The family tree template google docs are easy to use, can be edited and customized without having any professional skill of the google DOCS tool.

Creating Family Tree In Google Docs Sheet

The family tree is a hierarchal structure diagram having branches and roots to represent the relationships of a person with his family members based on generation levels.

Step 1

Some templates are formatted in a way that roots are representing the ancestors and the various branches are created to show the descendants. However, this template isn’t really useful for creating a family tree. Moreover, it is recommended to use this template in case all the details of ancestors are already with you.

Step 2:

  1. On the other hand, a template that is used by the people who are starting from scratch and don’t have all the details of ancestors ready to use.
  2. Therefore, this template focus on starting from the immediate family. Moreover, the process is started by placing the youngest family member.

As there are several tools, online platforms and templates are available to create family trees nowadays. Therefore, no expert skills in genealogy are required rather the templates are simple to use.

Types of Family Tree

There can be several forms of family trees. You can request us for a particular type. After reviewing your requirements, we will send you the exact Tree to your Inbox.

  1. The vertical hierarchal structure
  2. Both-sided horizontal structure
  3. One-sided horizontal family tree

However, the main idea is to start from the youngest member and split each branch further into two branches to the generations of available details.

In conclusion, a family tree is a genealogical tool used by experts, professionals, and civilians to represent the relations of a person to several generations using a visual representation tool. Moreover, the use of google DOCS template of a family tree makes it easy to make a visually understandable family chart.


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    Can I please get the family tree template? How many people can be added? Is there a way to have multiple family trees? (One for my mother’s father’s family, one for her father’s family, and same for my husband’s family)

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